The Teeccino Team 

Our company was founded on a desire to give people better health. In a time when most brands are owned by large corporations, we remain family owned. To us, the health and happiness of each customer matters.

We like to think of ourselves as a dynamic group whose lifestyles support our mission. We’re involved with personally achieving optimal health goals, but like everyone else, we’re works in progress. We are motivated by green, organic, sustainable values that govern how we spend our personal income. We choose to use our spending to support the kind of food we want to buy, the kind of cars we drive, the products from other companies we believe in, the energy we consume, the events we participate in, and where we plan our recreational time.

We accept our responsibility to be the best caretakers, or stewards, of this planet, both locally and globally, and of each other, both friends and strangers, that we can possibly be.


I was introduced to Teeccino by Caroline on our first date 7 years ago. A week later I had given up coffee (cold turkey because I didn’t even know yet about the Teeccino Kick the Caffeine Habit program). Today, Caroline is my life partner. I am still coffee free and an investor in Teeccino as well as its CFO.

Thirty five years in the entertainment business as a producer, director and executive was a walk in the park compared to launching a truly healthy alternative up against America’s great addiction to stimulants. Yet Teeccino is expanding its reach and its customer base and I am inspired by the challenges.

Jerry Isenberg, CFO


World renowned herbal tea designer and nutrition expert who started her career in the early ‘70’s, studying, growing, importing, blending and selling herbs.Caroline’s inspiration for creating her most innovative product line, Teeccino® Caffeine-free Herbal Coffee, came to her in a dream in the mid 1990’s when she was deeply involved in rainforest preservation work in Central America. The result is a healthy line of caffeine free coffee alternatives and delicious roasted herbal teas.

Caroline MacDougall, Founder


I was raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, then attended the University of Wisconsin where I earned a bachelor’s of Arts in Biochemistry. I then attended graduate school at UCSB, pursuing a Master’s in Molecular Biology. I left graduate school to work in stocks and bonds for a short period of time. I have been with Teeccino for nine years, watching the company grow from the ground, up.

When I am not at work, I enjoy petting my three cats and one dog, and experimenting with making homemade flavored simple syrups. I am as well an avid follower of professional and college sports.

John Magee, Operations Manager


My role at Teeccino has been a developing one ever since my mom, Caroline, formulated the product in 1994. While growing up I helped at many Natural Product Expos (officially selling my first can of Teeccino at age 10) and have watched closely as Teeccino has grown from a kitchen experiment to what is now the #1 selling coffee alternative and premier line of roasted herbal teas.

Since graduating from UCLA in 2010, I’m honored to have become an integral part of this company, and love witnessing first-hand the happiness and health Teeccino brings to our customers.  Outside of the office I am also an avid home-brewer and rock climber, cherishing any opportunity to spend time in nature.

Favorite Teeccino Flavor: Maca Chocolate

Galen MacDougall, Vice President Sales


I was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and came out to California for college and never turned back. A degree in Marketing and Sales and Global and International Studies I have traveled the world with my husband for over 3 years to 22 countries. I have been with Teeccino for a few years now and wear many hats. You would most likely see me working and coordinating events and trade shows or on the phone taking Wholesale, International and Bulk Ingredient orders.  When I am not at Teeccino, I am with my Husband and our Kelpie/Chocolate Lab mix. I love to cook, go to the beach, kayak, rock climb or just get out and go for a ride up the California coast.

Favorite Teeccino flavor: Dandelion Turmeric.

Melissa Russell, National Sales Coordinator


Elisa has been a member of the Teeccino team since Feb 2016. As Customer Service Manager, she acts as a liaison between customers and Teeccino’s shipping department making sure that the lines of communication remain open.

Elisa strives to build trust and strong long term relationships with Teeccino’s customers.

Elisa Perez, Customer Service


Originally from from Bulgaria, Emiliia fell in love with Santa Barbara and has spent the last 20 years exploring the outdoors, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Emiliia Arsova, Accountant


Dar Ringling came to the Teeccino Cafe with an extensive career in the financial field. He has been a Chief Financial Officer for multiple companies. Dar holds his Master’s in Business Administration from Grand Valley State University. He is a licensed Certified Management Accountant and a licensed Certified Financial Manager. He loves working at Teeccino and being apart of the team to help people obtain their optimal health. He has been married to his wife Darla for over 35 years. Together they have two adult children that live in their hometown of Colorado Springs.

Dar Ringling, Controller


Tunis brings over 20 years of operational experience and excellence to Teeccino Caffe. He holds a communications degree and has managed operations for companies in a variety of industries, ranging from windows to medical device manufacturing.He is bringing his passion for improvement and success to Teeccino. Tunis has been with his life partner Laura for 15 wonderful years, is an avid golfer and Golden Retriever lover.

Favorite Teeccino Flavor: Hazel Nut and Vanilla Nut

Tunis DeVries, Chief Operations Officer


Kristine is the Creative Content Marketing Manager. Originally from Wisconsin she followed her photographic dream to California 15 years ago, where she has worked as a product and lifestyle photographer in both beach & surf and golf apparel industries ever since. When she is not pursuing her photographic passions you can find her either watching football with family, engrossed in a good book, spending time at the ocean, enjoying a great craft beer or Malbec with friends, or of course, with a glass of iced Teeccino!

Kristine Cramer, Creative Content Manager


I was raised to live and love everything that goes into a healthy and natural life. That’s why it was no surprise when, immediately after graduating from college, I dove head first into the natural market. From organic food to ethical skin care, and now on to organic herbal teas, I have made it a not-so-personal life mission to only work with companies that are doing something helpful and meaningful for the world and all that live on it.  At Teeccino I have the joy of working with influential people of our community, telling the story of Teeccino and our amazing products to people of the world via social media, and continuously thinking of new ways to help share Teeccino and the power of natural living with as many people as possible.

When I’m not at Teeccino I can be found hiking with my boyfriend and our two corgis, spending time with my sister, watching the waves roll into the Santa Barbara coast (but not surfing – I know, I’m a horrible Californian), or practicing Yoga. I also recently have started experimenting in the kitchen (thanks to Teeccino recipes).

Favorite Teeccino Flavor: Dandelion Turmeric

Keira Geary, Community Marketing Manager


Our team of super heroes work diligently to quickly pack and ship your favorite Teeccino products to you.

Shipping Team


The Ventura team gathers all ingredients and mixes them into your favorite Teeccino flavors. Products are inspected and packaged to be shipped from our Carpinteria facility.

Ventura Production Team