Our diets are typically too acidic as we eat too few alkaline foods from plants, which are the best source of alkaline minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium. Millions of people take prescription drugs daily to reduce acidity while still drinking caffeinated beverages that aggravate acid reflux, IBS and other inflammatory digestive conditions.

Unlike coffee, Teeccino doesn’t contain irritating acids. Cellular metabolism requires Teeccino’s natural potassium to correct metabolic acidity and restore an alkaline balance. Drinking Teeccino with its readily absorbable potassium has helped many people who have found that coffee is too acidic for them. Read their testimonials!

Restore your alkaline balance with Teeccino​

Too much acidity in the diet can create health problems that range from experiencing uncomfortable symptoms of digestive distress to developing chronic health conditions. Coffee is an irritant to the digestive tract for many people. Coffee beans contain over 100 different acids. Decaf coffee is even more highly acidic than regular coffee. Since decaffeination processes remove so much flavor from coffee beans, beans with higher acid contents are used for decaffeination, resulting in more acidity in decaf coffee.

Minerals restore pH balance

Your blood has a slightly alkaline pH that the body must keep balanced within a very limited range. The body uses minerals to restore the alkaline pH of the blood. This process is so essential to the body’s functions that if the minerals aren’t available through the diet, the body will pull minerals out of the bones and teeth in order to correct metabolic acidity.

When our diet is too acidic and doesn’t supply enough minerals, our body struggles to restore alkaline balance. Diseases like osteoporosis and GERD, also called acid reflux, are aggravated by too much acidity in the diet. Additionally, coffee has been shown to increase the elimination of minerals such as calcium and potassium in the urine, further depleting you of essential minerals.

Teeccino's potassium and inulin help you stay alkaline

Drinking Teeccino helps you reduce acidity in your body in two ways. First, a cup of Teeccino contains the alkaline mineral, potassium, in a readily absorbable form. Potassium helps neutralize acidity and restore the blood’s alkaline balance.

Second, inulin, a soluble fiber from the chicory root that extracts into every cup of Teeccino during brewing, supports a healthy population of beneficial microflora that enhances your digestion and increases the bio-availability of minerals in your diet.

Most of the ingredients in Teeccino like the carob, chicory, almonds, ramon nuts, dates and figs are all alkaline. Additionally, by roasting the ingredients in Teeccino, the carbohydrates become more easily digestible and thus less acidifying.

Don’t be confused by recommendations to test a food or beverage using a pH strip. A pH strip is useful for measuring the acidity of your urine, but it isn’t a valid measurement for how a food or beverage will react in your body. A better measurement of acidity in foods and beverages is analyzing what kind of minerals they supply and testing your urine with a pH strip to find out if you are becoming more alkaline.