Get Naturally Powered by Teeccino

We hear it all the time. ”I got an energy lift from drinking Teeccino! Are you sure there’s no caffeine in it?” We can’t tell you exactly why this happens, but so many people experience an energy boost that we know it is a reliable effect of drinking Teeccino.

We have our theories. We think it is partly due to Teeccino’s natural potassium content that is so quickly assimilated by your body because it is suspended in liquid. Potassium helps your cells bring in nourishment by activating the sodium / potassium pump that allows cells to discharge waste and take in nutrients. Our diet often supplies too much sodium and too little potassium. The easily absorbable potassium in brewed Teeccino helps produce that energy lift that people experience as simply being energized without a jolt.

Athletes find drinking Teeccino helps them recover their energy after workouts because Teeccino’s potassium restores their electrolyte balance. Sports drinks have artificially added potassium to achieve the same effect, but Teeccino has more potassium per serving than sports drinks, plus the potassium comes naturally from Teeccino’s ingredients.

Pinitol from Carob Aids Glucose Absorption

We also know that carob contains pinitol, a non-caloric sugar that reduces insulin resistance by helping muscle cells absorb glucose and increase cellular metabolism. When your cells can absorb blood glucose and store carbohydrates more efficiently, you feel more energized. It could be that pinitol is contributing to the increased energy that people feel when they drink Teeccino.

Real Energy Doesn’t Come From Stimulants

If you listen to the companies that market so-called “energy” drinks, you’d think that caffeine gives you “energy”. Caffeine is a drug that stimulates the adrenal glands to release cortisol, the stress hormone, which produces a short-term spike of alertness called the “flight or fight” syndrome. Additionally, cortisol stimulates the liver to release glycogen and thus your blood sugar becomes elevated.

Elevated blood sugar causes the pancreas to respond by releasing insulin to bring the blood sugar back down. Now you are in the middle of a hormonal rollercoaster that produces both high and low energy cycles, making you reach for another cup of coffee!

Boost Your Energy Naturally!

Teeccino provides a natural way to increase your energy via nutrients, not stimulants. Instead of stimulating a stress response, Teeccino gives your body the nourishment it needs to be energized in a healthy, balanced way.

With the right foods, beverages, sleep and exercise, your body can produce all the energy you need without drugs or stimulants. We think you’ll discover that living life in a balanced way without depending on drugs or stimulants will give you the optimal health and energy supply that makes you feel your best.