Carob pods, Ceratonia siliqua, are highly nutritious and contain a variety of antioxidants known as flavonoids. Carob shares flavonoids in common with tea that have been studied to be highly effective in humans for protecting cells against free radical damage.

Maybe you’ve heard of carob pods being used as a chocolate alternative, but you may not realize that you probably eat carob frequently in common foods like ice cream and malt balls. The seeds in carob pods are used to make carob bean gum, also called locust bean gum, a stabilizer in many foods.

You can find carob in the Bible referred to as St. John’s Bread. It is thought that humble carob pods, which taste naturally sweet, sustained St. John in the wilderness where carob trees grow wild throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East.

A unique ingredient in carob, pinitol, may help reduce insulin resistance and keep blood sugar stable. The natural energy boost that people experience from drinking Teeccino may have something to do with pinitol helping cells take in more energy. Read more about this effect in the article, Carob Pods Boost Energy Naturally.

Roasted carob pods have chocolate flavor notes with a sweetness that comes from their natural carbohydrates. Teeccino’s organic carob is imported from Italy and Spain where harvesting the pods from wild trees is a time-honored tradition.