A Teeccino Ambassador is someone who personally enjoys Teeccino and who desires to share Teeccino with his/ her community. He/she has applied to become a Teeccino Ambassador and has completed the Teeccino Ambassador webinar. Upon completion, he/she will receive an official  Ambassador Graduate Welcome email.
The spirit of the Teeccino Ambassador program is to share Teeccino with the Ambassador’s community without expectation of compensation other than the good will that is generated by bringing a healthy product to other people.
The Ambassador agrees to fill out the event application in order to receive approval for the event from Teeccino.  Once approved, the Ambassador will receive Teeccino samples and other company promotional supplies to share at events, subject to these items’ availability.
The Teeccino Ambassador is responsible for any and all event planning and hosting-related tasks for his/her events.  The Ambassador agrees that any time he/she acts as a Teeccino Ambassador, it is solely for his/her own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of the event’s guests or attendees.
Ambassadors do not expect to be financially compensated in any way by Teeccino Caffé. unless otherwise specifically agreed to by Teeccino Caffé.  Teeccino Caffé may, at its own discretion, reward the Ambassador with  “swag” items, i.e. a Teeccino Tee-shirt, hat, mug, or totebag, etc.
In any situation or event where Teeccino is served, The Teeccino Ambassador agrees to practice proper food safety, brewing methods and/or follow local health codes.
I agree that any photographs I submit by email or other means to Teeccino Caffé, Inc. may be used in promotional materials, on the website or blog, or otherwise utilized to promote the Teeccino Ambassador program. Unless I specify at the time of submission that I do not want my photo submissions to be used, I agree to their use.
These Terms and Conditions may be subject to change or modification by Teeccino Caffé at any time. The Terms and Conditions of the Teeccino Ambassador Program may be viewed at any time at the following address: teeccinobuzz.com/ambassador.