Caffeine withdrawal for a coffee drinker causes a number of painful symptoms. Their severity depends on a person’s overall health, sensitivities, and even genetic heritage. Don’t be concerned – quitting coffee will be easier than you think by following Teeccino’s Kick Your Caffeine Habit Program.

Avoid the headaches

The number one complaint from anyone withdrawing from caffeine is the painful headaches that can be incapacitating. They can go on for days and the only relief is – you guessed it – more caffeine. Light is suddenly too bright to bear, concentration is impossible, and all one wants is relief. Many people reach for an over-the-counter drug like Excedrin®, Anacin® or Midol®, but whoops! They all contain caffeine.

It may interest you to know why you get a headache when you skip your morning cup. Caffeine acts as powerful vasoconstrictor in the brain. That is, it constricts blood vessels in the brain and decreases circulation. Oxygen to the brain can be decreased up to 30%! When caffeine is not present, the sudden increased circulation causes major headaches.

Of course, a well-oxygenated brain is what we want for optimal health. You can avoid caffeine withdrawal headaches by slowly weaning yourself off of caffeine using a blend of Teeccino Herbal Coffee with your regular coffee.

You'll need some rest

Often the headaches are accompanied by more caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Fatigue is the next most common experience people have quitting caffeine. If you’ve been depending on caffeine to keep you going day after day, your body is going to need some rest. Think of your adrenal glands as exhausted horses that have been whipped way too long. Take away the whip and they want to lay down in their tracks! Make time to get some rest especially in the beginning of weaning off of caffeine.

Waking up is possible without caffeine

Since caffeine artificially increases cortisol production, the hormone that makes you wake up in the morning, people going through caffeine withdrawal can experience a hard time waking up without coffee as a stimulant. Once your adrenal glands have readjusted to their natural rhythm of producing cortisol in the morning without a stimulant, you won’t need a cup of coffee to wake you up. Many Teeccino customers report having more energy after they have quit coffee than ever before.

Get some help from supplements

Decreased alertness, brain fogginess, inability to concentrate and feelings of decreased well-being including irritability and depression are frequently experienced during caffeine withdrawal. Don’t worry, there are herbal and nutritional supplements that can aid your recovery and make the transition easier.
Some people report feeling flu-like symptoms, muscle pain and even vomiting. That’s why we don’t recommend going cold-turkey! We’ve seen too many people suffer needlessly when they trying caffeine withdrawal suddenly.

It will be easier than you think!

While this caffeine withdrawal phenomenon keeps millions of people addicted to their coffee habit, the good news is that you can avoid this pitfall by slowly weaning yourself off caffeine over a two to three week period by blending your regular coffee with Teeccino. Many former coffee drinkers report that they can’t believe how much energy they have once they recover from the caffeine-driven roller coaster ride!

If you follow Teeccino’s Kick The Caffeine Habit Program, you will find your journey to being caffeine-free can be pleasurable and satisfying as you take an important step towards optimal health.