Plain and simply, caffeine is an addictive drug as anyone who has suffered through caffeine withdrawal symptoms can testify. Attempts to quit coffee can be discouraging if you don’t know the right way to do it! Many people’s lifestyle habits are built around the ritual of brewing their morning cups of coffee to wake up plus relying on an afternoon pick-up cup and maybe even an evening cup to stay up late.

Unfortunately, painful and debilitating caffeine withdrawal symptoms can keep the habitual coffee drinker from following through with the best of intentions to quit coffee. Pounding caffeine withdrawal headaches can propel coffee drinkers back to the coffee cup to get respite. If you follow Teeccino’s Kick The Caffeine Habit Program by weaning off of caffeine over a two week period, you can avoid the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal.

A coffee drinker has to satisfy four needs to make the transition happily to a caffeine-free coffee alternative.

1. They want to brew it just like coffee.

2. They want a robust, full-bodied, roasted brew – no watery tea please!

3. They want an enticing aroma.

4. They want an energy lift

With over 15 years experience helping people wean off of caffeine, we are happy to tell you that Teeccino Herbal Coffee fulfills all 4 needs of coffee drinkers and makes caffeine withdrawal pain-free and – Yes! – enjoyable.

Thousands of Teeccino customers who no longer drink coffee have used Teeccino’s Kick The Caffeine Habit Program to successfully quit coffee. You can follow this program and be successful too!

Give your body a few weeks or maybe a month or two to recuperate from being caffeine-driven. Don’t be surprised if you discover that you have more energy than you ever thought possible!