My previous post on “satiety” or as I define it, satisfied fullness, explained the two theories behind what creates satiety and why I find them most unsatisfying!

If you’re going to stick with a low calorie diet to lose weight, achieving satiety has to be both delicious and satisfying or you’ll quit. My own experience has shown that eating soluble fiber is the best way to create satiety while keeping your calorie count low.

To follow up, I thought I should suggest different ways to create satiety throughout the day.


Here are 4 tips for maintaining satiety to help you keep your appetite under control, avoid sugar cravings and achieve weight loss:

1. Eat a bowl of TeeChia® for breakfast or as a snack during the day for a nutrient-dense meal that creates a sense of fullness. Drink a glass of juice or water when you eat TeeChia to increase the swelling of the fiber in your stomach after eating.

2. Eat an apple before each meal. The 5 grams of fiber in an apple includes both soluble and insoluble fiber. Apples also hold lots of water. Enjoying an apple will slake your appetite right before the meal. You’ll eat less and feel full faster.

3. Add ground chia and flax seeds to soups. A bowl of vegetable soup, thickened with chia and flax seeds, contains a high amount of fiber that will lengthen the feeling of fullness by swelling further after eating. Instead of watery broths, you’ll enjoy a nice thick soup that is very filling!

4. Drink a mug of Teeccino® for a snack in between meals and in place of dessert. Teeccino will satisfy that desire for sweet richness without all the calories from fat and sugar. A mug of Teeccino has 1g of soluble fiber that produces a full-bodied brew that fills you up and provides a natural energy boost.

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  1. East lots of healthy fats, it will keep you feeling full while also losing weight!!! Coconut oil is my favorite oil, I eat it by the spoonful sometimes for a snack.


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