Many people, who are about to embark on a detox program, find the hardest part is giving up caffeine during their cleanse. Understanding the reasons why caffeine interferes with detoxing can help motivate people to face their caffeine habit and take a break from it for the duration of the cleanse.

Preparing for detoxing off of caffeine is an important first step to embark on two weeks before the start of the cleansing program so painful caffeine withdrawal symptoms don’t spoil the detox experience. Teeccino’s gradual weaning program helps people avoid caffeine withdrawal and provides a delicious replacement for coffee drinking during the detox program.
Here are the three top reasons why quitting coffee and being caffeine free is such an important part of any detox program:

1. caffeine is detoxified in the liver

Caffeine is detoxified in the liver using the same enzymatic pathway that detoxifies many other toxins and prescription drugs. When the liver is overloaded, this detoxification pathway slows down and toxins accumulate instead of getting eliminated. An example of this is women on birth control pills who are slower to metabolize caffeine than normal, which can prolong the levels of caffeine in the blood stream up to 18 hours.

In order to efficiently detoxify all the toxins that are released during a cleansing program, it Is important not to burden the liver with toxins from what we consume. Thus detox programs recommend eating organic food in order to avoid toxic agricultural chemicals and eliminating a drug like caffeine by avoiding those foods and beverages that contain it. Reducing the load on the liver will allow it to recover its metabolic efficiency so essential to good health.

2. coffee is highly acidic

Coffee is highly acidic and its consumption thwarts the goal of detox programs to restore the body’s alkaline balance. Decaf coffee is even more highly acidic than regular coffee because it is made from coffee beans with a high level of acidity in order to retain better flavor characteristics after decaffeination. Coffee’s acidity can disturb the digestion, aggravating acid reflux and inflammatory bowel conditions.
One of the primary goals of detox programs is to heal the digestive tract and reduce any inflammation. Consuming coffee can be an irritant to the intestines in sensitive people and also raises homocysteine, a sign of inflammation that is associated with heart disease.

3. caffeine stimulates the release of stress hormones

Caffeine stimulates the release of stress hormones that raise the level of stress in the body. It is ideal to reduce stress during detox programs in order to strengthen the immune system, fight free radical damage, improve cellular regeneration, and control appetite for weight loss.

Weaning Off of Caffeine

Two weeks before beginning a fast, it is ideal to begin weaning oneself off of caffeine gradually to avoid painful caffeine withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be confused with symptoms resulting from the detox program itself and the best results are achieved by beginning the detox program completely caffeine free.

Blend regular coffee with Teeccino Herbal Coffee in the drip coffee maker or French press pot and continue to reduce the amount of regular coffee daily so that by the end of two weeks, you are drinking 100% Teeccino. People who drink caffeinated sodas, can start diluting them with mineral water or a caffeine-free tea to gradually reduce caffeine consumption. The same kind of reduction program can be done with black teas by alternating cups with herbal tea or making a big pot that is half caffeinated tea and half caffeine-free herbal tea.

Health Benefits of Teeccino on Detox Programs

Teeccino is naturally caffeine free so it hasn’t been processed and degraded like decaf coffee. Decaffeination deduces antioxidants so it is highly preferable to drink naturally caffeine free beverages like herbal coffee and herbal teas compared to decaffeinated coffee and tea. Teeccino is non-acidic and contains potassium, an alkaline mineral that the body uses to correct metabolic acidity and restore alkaline balance. The naturally-occurring inulin from chicory root in a cup of Teeccino is a beneficial prebiotic for the digestive tract which also enhances the absorption of calcium and strengthens the immune system. Dandelion root, an ingredient in Teeccino Dandelion Herbal Coffees, are certified gluten free. Dandelion root is renowned as a liver and gall bladder stimulant with high antioxidant activity, both of which are highly desirable for detox programs.

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