My birthday comes right after the holidays. This year, my husband, who knows and loves me the very best, whisked me away to a hot springs spa in the desert for a weekend. Soaking in the warm water pools, gazing at the palm fronds waving overhead with glistening sun reflections, gave me the chance to ‘leave it all behind’ for a few days. As I felt the holiday stress dissolve into the mineral water, I thought about how essential it is to make time for detoxing!

Ok, I had eaten sugary foods often over the holidays, but as I soaked, I realized that it wasn’t just my body that needed detoxing from excesses. It was my mind that needed to let go of driving, task-oriented thoughts; my emotions that needed to absorb and release all the many feelings that had coursed through me at holiday gatherings; and my spirit that needed to be renewed for the new year ahead.

Dr. Deanna Minich calls this process, Whole Detox in her new book about to be published in March. She found that many of her clients didn’t get lasting results from detox programs that focused solely on what they ate. If your goal is to get the full results you need from a detox program, let me tell you about her insightful and intuitive method for taking one’s whole being through a complete renewal. I promise you, her genius and compassion will guide you into the deepest recesses of your self!

Dr. Minich has an outstanding career working with the best minds in the functional medicine community including two of the doctors I hold with the highest respect for their incredible scientific contributions, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Jeffery Bland. Like them, she has her own brand of genius that allowed her to create a completely new way of approaching toxicity in the whole self.

As a nutritionist working with clients to restore health through diet, Dr. Minich found that she couldn’t ignore her patient’s toxic thoughts and feelings, which would prevent them from achieving the lasting good health they desired. By developing a system of seven separate levels that groups our feelings and negative thoughts along with foods selected for their color to match each stage, her program takes us on a journey to examine every part of our lives and bodies.

Whole Detox delivers much more than just another way to eat for twenty one days which is where so many other detox programs start and end. Beginning with our “root” in the base of our body and progressing every three days through seven levels as we travel from our elimination and sexual organs to the master pineal gland and the crown of our heads, every segment focuses on a different group of thoughts and feelings while associating color with the foods that relate best to that stage of detox.

Dr. Minich gives you an evaluation questionnaire that helps you identify which of your seven systems are out of balance. She helps you combat toxic, limiting thoughts with affirmations. She urges you to record your feelings daily, and she provides a complete guide to what to eat every day of the program. Breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes are fully developed along with shopping lists to make it as easy as possible.

Yes, this takes focus. This isn’t a simple ‘eat this and not that’ kind of program. You do need to make Whole Detox central to your life for its twenty one days and devote real time to the journey.

The great thing about her book, Whole Detox, is that it is there for the reading to both prepare you for the journey and continue to be inspired along the way. At Teeccino, several of us tried doing her detox program by following her webinar online. In all fairness, we weren’t prepared to be as dedicated daily as her system requires. But the book makes it very clear what you’re committing to and what the pathway entails that you’re embarking on. Having read it, I’m now engaged at the level she wants me to be in order to really get the most out of her program.

Transformation isn’t come by easily but achieving it makes the journey worth everything you gave when you arrive at its destination. It would be nice if we could skip all the deep housecleaning of the self in order to jump right to vibrant good health, but that isn’t possible. It is through the process of examining all the material we hold deep within that we are provided with the fuel for the transformative experience.

It is all about you after all. No matter how much our loved ones want to help us on our path, it is only each of us in our own way that can travel towards optimal health and glowing spirit. But having an insightful guide is essential. We need someone who has trod this path before us to point out everything we should look at along the way. We want someone wise and empathetic, who can inspire us when we falter. Fortunately, we have that guide in Dr. Deanna Minich and her new book, Whole Detox!

Whole Detox: A 21 Day Personalized Program to Break Through Barriers In Every Area of Your Life is available from Amazon and bookstores beginning March 8th, 2016.

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