When herbal tea was introduced to the American market in the early 1970’s, tea drinkers complained that herbal tea wasn’t really tea at all. Herbal tea doesn’t contain Camellia sinensis, the caffeine-containing plant known as “tea” from which we get black tea, green tea, oolong tea, white tea, matcha and many other varieties of tea depending on where tea is grown and how the leaf is fermented and dried.

British tea connoisseurs think that herbal tea should be called an “infusion” while the French call herbal tea a “tisane”. But Americans are more practical. If it brews and looks like tea, but it’s caffeine-free and made from herbs, it’s simply called “herbal tea”.

When the 1990’s came along and coffee bars were being opened everywhere, Caroline was inspired to create Teeccino, a whole new concept for an herbal beverage that brews, looks and tastes like coffee but is made from naturally caffeine-free herbs. In the beginning, she called Teeccino an “herbal espresso” because she began brewing it in an espresso machine to make caffeine-free cappuccinos. After hearing from enthusiastic customers who wanted to brew Teeccino any way they brew coffee, it finally dawned on her that she has created “herbal coffee”! It was one of those things that after you say it, it’s so obvious, you wonder, what took you so long?

Herbal beverages offer a wide variety of healthful properties without any caffeine or acidity. Both tea and coffee contain caffeine, a drug that triggers the body’s stress response called the “flight or fight” syndrome. Too much caffeine can aggravate stress by elevating cortisol and keep you awake at night. There are many health conditions whose symptoms are made worse from too much caffeine. Naturally caffeine-free herbal teas and herbal coffees can be drunk any time of the day or night and they can help promote a good night’s sleep.

Both herbal teas and herbal coffees are made from herbs with a long tradition of being enjoyed throughout the world for many millennia. Herbs are valued for their health and wellness properties with age-old reputations for promoting optimal health. Herbal teas and herbal coffees are made from herbs that are safe to drink on a daily basis. Rest assured that pharmaceutical botanicals that shouldn’t be consumed regularly are not used in herbal beverages or wellness teas.

We hope you enjoy the many herbal beverages Caroline has developed for your tasting pleasure and to promote optimal health.

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