Recently the media has decided to bash detoxing by quoting some doctors who don’t believe it can have any lasting beneficial effects on the body. The New York Times and Britain’s The Guardian both took swipes at detox programs by quoting “experts” who have never followed a detox program in their life. If they had, they’d know what we know: you just feel so much better after you give your body a rest and feed it only the cleanest of foods!

If there is one person who is proof of the beneficial effects of detoxing, it is Amie Valpone, the author of Eating Clean, The 21 Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body. Amie was abandoned by the medical profession at the tender age of 27 when her complete physical breakdown baffled every doctor and hospital that tried to diagnose what was wrong with her. It was only after she had exhausted every drug and every test they could think of that she began her healing journey by learning to detox her body with the help of food and clean living. I’d like to share some of the highlights from her book with you which you can find on Amazon and in many natural foods stores with book sections.

Amie’s chapter on “Why Detox” quickly answers the medical establishment’s skepticism about detoxing. Yes, our bodies have inbuilt systems designed to detox all day long every day. No one debates this. However, our bodies weren’t designed to deal with the onslaught of chemicals, toxins and processed foods that they are assaulted with every second of every day. In short, our bodies’ detox systems are overwhelmed.

Amie’s 21 day detox program was built out of her very personal experience of what it took to rebuild her health after a complete collapse. It is designed to help you examine and upgrade your lifestyle to support your body to detox efficiently and effectively. What’s 21 days? Maybe the most important ones of your life!

I consider myself well educated about health, nutrition, environmental toxins and detoxing. It’s hard for me to learn something new from most health books. However, as I read Amie’s book, I kept being amazed at how deep Amie went into every aspect of detoxing and yet she keeps the reader fully engaged.

I love how she gently guides you through every step while she coaches you, encourages you, and continues to inspire you. Hey, detoxing can be both fun and delicious when you follow her program!

Veges & Muscles

Oh, I haven’t even said this yet. This book is filled with fabulous recipes and photos that will tempt your taste buds and make you forget that you’re eliminating any ‘comfort’ foods. The recipes aren’t complicated to make so even if you don’t consider yourself a cook, you’ll be able to recreate her dishes. There are even desserts including popsicles, chocolate tarts and yes, ice cream (non-dairy made from coconut cream). So don’t think your sweet tooth won’t get some satisfaction too while you stay on the path to clean living.

Amie has organized the program step by step and I couldn’t find anything she missed. She even covers some important genetic information that hardly anyone knows about ~ including most likely those experts quoted by the media ~ called methylation, a detoxification function in the liver that governs whether you’re a rapid or slow detoxifier. Good to know if you’re got the slow genetic version because then you might be even more careful with your lifestyle habits!

I’m interviewing Amy by podcast on May ___ so tune in to listen to this delightful spirit who will definitely help you protect the gift of good health.

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