Teeccino is entering its 19th year of providing a delicious variety of brewed herbal beverages that are caffeine-free, non-acidic alternatives to coffee. All of you, our valued customers, have taught me so much about the preciousness of health and how small things like changing what you drink can make such a big difference. For those of you who have shared your personal stories on our testimonial pages, I give you my deepest thanks. It is your voice and appreciation that rallies my courage when the going gets tough!

Sometimes, you learn what you already know and are amazed to discover how true it is all over again. I’ve been personally devoted to seeking optimal health and helping others find their path to it for 40+ years. This year taught me once again the crucial role diet plays and how even subtle shifts in the foods we eat and beverages we drink can dramatically affect our health.

I witnessed it in my husband’s health when he switched to a purely plant-based diet, eliminating meat, dairy and oil in order to clear some clogged veins causing terrible neuropathy. The shift gave him more energy, less painful flare-ups and a path forward where none had existed before. The use of the nutritional supplement, niacin, one of the B vitamins, has become a “miracle drug” for him because it relieves the discomfort he experiences which no other pharmaceutical drug could touch. I can’t adequately express with words how much this has meant to him and to me!

I witnessed it again with my son’s dog, Argyle, a loving chocolate Labrador hitting his middle age years. The diet of lamb and rice kibble with a nutritional supplement for joints that had kept him going in his early years was no longer enough. He came to visit me and I was shocked to see his hair falling out, dullness in his beautiful fur instead of its normal glowing sheen and pain causing him to limp from sore joints.

I started supplementing his diet with raw lamb meat, canned tuna, milled chia seeds and non-GMO lecithin plus marrow bones. In 10 days, his coat glistened again and his limping stopped. Now, several months later, the improvement has restored him to enjoying energetic walks that don’t cause him to suffer stiffness afterwards.  His happy, puppy-like nature is a delight to behold! I credit much of his improvement to chia seeds with their omega-3 fatty acids that have relieved his inflammation much more effectively than the joint supplement he had taken for years.

Many of you know that this has been a bumpy year for Teeccino. We lost our long time production facility suddenly last spring and have been in transition as we establish production in new facilities. We’ve had to change where our packaging is printed, causing delays in getting the film that makes our 11 oz bags. We had to apply for all new organic and kosher certifications in our new production facilities causing further delays.

As a small company, it has taken some time to accomplish all of this. I want to give a huge thanks to the Teeccino team including my husband and partner, Jerry Isenberg, and our production manager, John Magee, for unwavering persistence and hard work that has taken us over so many hurdles this year! And I want to reassure you, our loyal customers, that we are doing everything possible to regain our balance and keep our 19 flavors in over 85 packages in stock and shipping out to all of you promptly.

There are those years that call upon you for strength, endurance and positive vision far beyond the normal ups and downs of life. When upheaval rules and balance is missing, you have to dig very deep for the courage and conviction to take one step at a time until the way forward comes into focus.

Maybe I’ve forgotten, but it seemed like those kind of years used to only come every once in a while. These days, abrupt change and bumpy transitions seem to be reigning everywhere. Personally, I’d like 2014 to be a lot smoother than 2013!

We’re planning for 2014 to be a momentous year for Teeccino and TeeChia. Our Company’s mission is to provide superior foods and beverages that support the pursuit of optimal health and to inspire and educate our customers to adopt a balanced, healthy lifestyle by avoiding stimulants like sugar and caffeine. We have plans for new products that will offer all of you more tasty and nutritious foods that feed your body like nature intended. To make it all possible, we are raising capital from angel investors that will enable us to bring these healthy and delicious products to market. Stay tuned to this newsletter and you’ll be the first to hear about them!

From our family to yours, we send you the very best wishes for a healthy holiday season and new year!


Photo: Left to right: Elliott MacDougall, Jerry Isenberg, Caroline MacDougall and Galen MacDougall.

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  1. Agreed - May 2014 be a calmer year for all of us! I keep turning on new people to delicious Teeccino and that feels really good! Thanks again for all your hard work - your products are fantastic and we enjoy them everyday!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you for all you do Caroline and co! Your products have certainly helped my health and mind!
    May 2014 be a lot smoother for all of us!


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