Ever since I created TeeChia, I’ve been fascinated by “satiety”, the new buzz concept in weight loss.

As I experienced for myself and heard from many others, a bowl of TeeChia keeps you full without any desire to eat for many hours.

Satiety, pronounced “sa-TIE-atee”, means satisfied fullness. It’s that feeling of having eaten enough without any desire to eat more, but not over-eating to the point of being uncomfortably full.

How To Achieve Satiety

If we can achieve satiety without eating too many calories, we are on the path to weight loss and maintaining our ideal weight. The longer the satiety lasts, the less frequently we feel the need to eat, and thus, the fewer calories we take in. As everyone knows, the key to weight loss is to lower our caloric intake. How do we achieve satiety by eating fewer calories and still feel full?

The two major theories for producing satiety both fail to satisfy my requirement for nutrient-dense meals that provide long lasting satiety. Of course, what I eat has to be delicious too!

The first recommends eating lots of vegetables and fruits because the water held by their fiber is filling and they are lower in calories without the fat and protein. Although I’m a major plant eater, I find you have to eat a balanced meal that includes both fat and protein to produce lasting satiety. Otherwise, you won’t make it to your next meal without snacking.

The second theory limits the number of flavors we experience in a meal so we don’t trigger multiple appetite centers in the brain. If we eat a meal that is salty but has some sweetness, then we crave more sweet foods. The idea is to eat only one type of flavor a meal. Sorry – as a foodie with a major appreciation for a wide variety of flavors, I find that boring my taste buds simply won’t keep me happy! 


The secret to TeeChia’s ability to produce satiety that keeps going for many hours is the soluble fiber in chia and flax seeds. These two super seeds are nutrient dense with a wide array of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they provide a complete protein and nourishing fats in the form of ALA omega-3 essential fatty acids.

The soluble fiber in both seeds is highly viscous that creates a gel when mixed with water. This gel continues to absorb water in the stomach and intestines during digestion to maintain that sense of satiety or fullness.

Another great benefit of the thick gel from these two super seeds is that it slows down the absorption of carbohydrates so the blood sugar remains balanced and energy levels remain steady. Balanced blood sugar avoids the return of appetite cravings, which are stimulated by low blood sugar. If dieters can keep the hormones involved in both high and low blood sugar under control, weight loss goals are much more achievable.
I’m curious to know what foods produce satiety for you? Stay tuned for more recommendations on how to produce satiety because I believe this is the key to maintaining our ideal weight for optimal health!


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