Stay calm, carry on, and put the kettle on!

By Caroline MacDougall

March 20, 2020

Dear Teeccino family,

We hope that all of you are safe wherever you are riding out this crisis, staying healthy by limiting exposure, and keeping connected despite the social distancing that is required at this time.

There are so many things to be grateful for. We give thanks for our cherished loved ones and pray for their safety. We are also so grateful that the internet plus our cell phones keep us in contact with one another and bring us inspiration from people around the world.

Let’s take the advice of the British during World War ll. They survived unbelievable bombardment and endured terrible deprivation but they managed to keep their equanimity. As the top tea drinking culture in the western world, they taught us that a hot cup of tea brings comfort in times of great challenges. Put the kettle on and make yourselves a satisfying cup to sip and enjoy!

Teeccino is still producing and shipping:

As a food and beverage company, we are recognized as an essential business to carry on working. Fortunately we’re well stocked on ingredients and our production is running to keep the grocery shelves, our etailers and the Teeccino website fully supplied.  We always follow all good food manufacturing practices (GMPs) including gloves worn by our production team while complying with strict hygiene protocol and not being allowed to work if they are sick. We already offer paid sick leave and have expanded it so none of our employees will be deprived of income if they fall ill during these trying times.  We also have most of our office staff members working remotely.

Exciting news!

New package design:

To celebrate 25 years of marketing Teeccino, we’re excited to announce a new brand image to better convey the health promoting values we hold dear. We look forward to sharing an all-new package design from a very talented woman whose background includes designing for national brands like Starbucks® and Teavana®.

We hope you’ll love our new color palate highlighting each of Teeccino’s family of blends with their unique mandala designs and botanical illustrations. With a cleaner presentation of product information, the goal is to make it easier to understand all the health giving properties and delicious flavor in a cup of Teeccino. Have fun checking out the beautiful images on our Mediterranean, Maya and Dandelion packages!

Two new Teeccino lines:

Nothing like celebrating your 25th anniversary by creating 9 new flavors for Teeccino! I’ve been inspired by the growing interest in adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms which I’ve been consuming myself for decades. Teeccino has always been ahead of its time, and now the time is compelling us to expand our wellness offerings.

Mushroom Adaptogen Blends

I’ve paired renowned wellness mushrooms with adaptogenic herbs to bring you 6 new Teeccino blends that help you reduce stress and stay healthy.

Adaptogens are those plants and mushrooms that help the body adapt to stress, whether external or internal, while normalizing physiological functions, increasing energy and endurance, and strengthening the immune system.

Soon you’ll be able to drink a cup of Reishi Eleuthero featuring a dark roast flavor for coffee lovers, Coryceps Schisandra featuring cinnamon berry flavor for a spicy finish, and Turkey Tail Astragulus featuring toasted maple flavor for a sweet treat without added sugar. Have fun reading about these mushrooms and herbs on the internet and stay tuned to our email announcement for when our new blends are ready to ship.

Prebiotic SuperBoost™ Blends

As you know, every cup of Teeccino has prebiotic inulin that extracts naturally from chicory and dandelion roots during brewing. Prebiotics are what your probiotics need to flourish and thrive.

From the early days of Teeccino, our customers have claimed that Teeccino has made a difference to their digestion and elimination. In the last five years, new scientific studies about the microorganisms that live in our gut have revealed many revolutionary findings about what these critters do for our health. Now we know that about 70% of the immune system and over 80% of cells that produce immunoglobulin A actually reside in the gut!

I have been following this prebiotic research eagerly and just recently, I found two concentrated prebiotics that could be added to a cup of Teeccino to enhance its prebiotic properties. I’m excited to announce that two new Prebiotic Superboost blends of Teeccino will be available soon. Mango Lemon Balm featuring one of my favorite herbs to drink before bedtime and Macadamia Nut with all the rich, bold flavor that Teeccino is famous for will be shipping in the next few weeks.

Available only to our customers!

Although we are waiting for our new packaging for our new blends to arrive along with some of the organic adaptogenic herbs coming from India, we are able to roll out 3 of these blends in the all-purpose-grind before then. It seems so crucial at this time to deliver them to your cup to support your health. We hope you don’t mind if we sticker over some of our existing packages to get them out right away.

Today is the first day of spring so please join us in taking a moment to enjoy it by strolling through nature. It will refresh you and lessen your stress. We so look forward to hearing your feedback and thank you for your continued support!


  1. Hi. I'm hoping you'll offer small samples of the other new varieties if we buy a couple of them. For instance, once I drank reishi mushroom tea, and it made me quite nauseated, though I've take cordyceps supplements to great effect (it really does help with stamina). I'm a little hesitant to order a full package of reishi without trying one teabag's worth.

    1. Hi Cherilyn, We expect to have a sampler pack of trial size packets of our new blends available in 2 weeks. We know that they will be super popular as everyone wants to taste all the flavors! Tea bags for the new blends will be available in June. Hope you can brew in either a drip coffee maker or a French press pot or even a tea pot with a fine mesh strainer in the meantime!

  2. I just found your tea & love it!! I’m looking forward to trying the Turkey Tail Ast. Coffee!! Very exciting God Bless you and keep you safe!!

  3. This is so exciting! I can't wait try them all. Thank you for all that you do and offering such high quality products, always and even more so during these trying times. Peace, happiness and health to you and all the Teechino families. ❤

  4. Will the new blends be gluten-free?

    1. Yes, some of them will be. Out of the 5 flavors we're launching now, only one, Cordyceps Schisandra, is certified gluten free. However, we hope that Dark Chocolate and Trmella Tulsi will launch in 2 weeks more and they are gluten free too!

  5. I love your products! I look forward to your new line!

  6. Hello. This is exciting news for Teeccino. I also am interested in Adaptogenic herbs. But not the mushrooms. Do you think you might consider an option with the Adaptogen minus the mushroom? Thank you.

    1. Our new line combines the wellness mushrooms like Reishi, Turkey Tail and Cordyceps with adaptogenic herbs. If you are on a diet that eliminates eating mushrooms to avoid candida or reduce fungi, these are water-based extracts which are different than eating the mushroom itself. Check with your health care practitioner to see if you are allowed to consume extracts. If not, we do have Maca Chocolate in both the tea bags and the all-purpose-grind. Maca is an energizing adaptogen and we love it combined with chocolate!

  7. Just found your products and really do love them. The tea is wonderful since I cannot drink anything with caffeine and has the flavor of coffee which I crave at times.

  8. Sounds wonderful! Thank you. Blessings

  9. I am truly looking forward to trying it out! I am a coffee lover but had to quit coffee almost two years ago. Teeccino became then my favorite beverage. I love the bitter taste of coffee, so I only have gotten the dark roast options you have available. Besides I love the ritual of brewing it.
    I want to thank you for helping me out in my personal victory of having quit coffee, which I thought would never happen in this lifetime.

    1. Are any of these gluten free?


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