Once again, the holidays are upon us as we face the end of another year. It is a time to deepen our connection with family, friends and strangers alike. The heart opens as memories and emotions are stirred, sometimes bringing up sadness and pain, other times releasing joy and transcendence. My family cherishes a number of long-standing traditions that we practice every year. It’s those well-loved traditions that strengthen the bonds that unite us year after year, despite all the changes time brings such as children growing up, finding partners, and moving away from home.

This will be my family’s 32nd year to build a gingerbread house together. Our very first one was when my oldest son had just turned a year, which makes it easy to count how many we’ve made! That first attempt collapsed from the weight of the candy because we didn’t let the frosting that glued it together harden long enough. Every year, in some subtle or not-so-subtle way, our gingerbread house building and decorating reflects our family’s growth over the prior year. After all these years, many friends still join the decorating stage, new friends get initiated, and of course, everyone helps us eat it after Christmas!

It will be somewhere around our 26th year for holding our annual Christmas party on December 23rd. It is always on the 23rd so everyone who comes year after year knows when it will be. Now the “kids” are in their 20’s and 30’s, some with wee ones of their own, and they make sure they get home in time for the party. The high point is when a couple hundred of us crush into the living room to sing together. Although many come from different faiths or beliefs, it is the raising of our voices united by familiar songs that engender the universal feelings of hope and love. It’s why the party is such a powerful gathering of community that continues to inspire us all year after year.

Then there are the little traditions like what we eat and drink on Christmas eve and day. Food and beverages have such strong emotions attached to them and give us the comfort and reassurance that all is well with our world. My great-grandmother’s egg nog that we make at our party every year ties us to the generations of our family that have come before and to whom we owe so much. My passion for feeding my family enables me to contribute delicious health and well being to my loved ones, day after day, year after year. I guess that love has spilled over into inspiring me to feed as many people as I can, even though remotely, with Teeccino and TeeChia!

Two of our customers wrote us moving testimonials this year that illustrate how important Teeccino is because of the tradition and ritual it allows them to still keep alive. Quitting coffee is an emotional upset for many. Fortunately, Teeccino replaces coffee in people’s lives so well that the pain of letting go turns into joy and health.

Kathy from Piedmont, California wrote:

After years of enjoying coffee, it began to disagree with me. I was in denial for quite some time and the thought of giving it up was…well…pretty much unbearable! The rituals around drinking coffee in the morning were entrenched too: the newspaper, the crossword, the Ken-Ken, the wonderful aroma…As I reluctantly sipped (Teeccino) from a small paper cup, the flavor exploded in my mouth! It was smooth, it was fragrant, it was heaven. Teeccino gave me my morning ritual back.

Patti from Fort Meyers, Florida really moved me when she shared:

I had been drinking coffee since I was in middle school – it was my time with my Dad, so still today, it’s a very special memory for me. So believe me when I say that giving up coffee was more than just “giving up coffee” for me…I still imagine having coffee time with my Dad, except my cup now has Teeccino. And even though he is no longer with me, I imagine he’s looking down smiling and saying – “Smart choice!”

Breakfast is a challenge for many. Taking time to eat and finding something quick and easy that keeps you full and nourished is difficult in a country where refined carbohydrates dominate our food choices. TeeChia Sustained Energy Cereal was launched this year to natural food stores across the country. I love hearing how it is transforming people’s breakfasts. Mary from Chicago, Illinois summed it up best when she confessed:

“I eat well…but I most always eat TOO MUCH. Both TeeChia flavors’ serving size is the perfect amount. It is filling and satisfies with one serving! Don’t know how or why, but I am finally eating a ‘normal size’ breakfast; and I’m not hungry all morning. I say I’m proud of myself…but it’s all TeeChia’s doing. ” 

Whatever traditions you celebrate, from a daily meal and drink to an annual event, it is the repetition that creates the power and the strength that feeds our souls. By experiencing sameness, we can reflect on how we’ve evolved. We see ourselves in new light under the illumination of the familiar. May this year bring you the joy of tradition that opens your heart to all you love and allows you to give of yourself fully!

Our gratitude spills out to all of you, our faithful customers who support and appreciate our gifts. From our family to yours, we wish you a very meaningful and joyful holiday season!


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