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A grain-free option that still tastes great

I have not had coffee in almost 30 years. I have been drinking Teeccino for about 18 years. I was probably among of your first few hundred customers. Vanilla Nut is my favorite. Very recently my doctor told me to avoid all grain to aid in diagnosing a medical condition. I was horrified to think that I would have to give up my daily Teeccino. Dandelion Vanilla Nut to the rescue! Thank goodness; and thank you Caroline for creating a grain-free option that still tastes great.

- Dianne C.
Support for a gluten-free, caffeine-free lifestyle

Some time ago I noticed Teeccino in my local grocery co-op and upon visiting the website was delighted to learn gluten-free products were available. I ordered the variety sampler and happily tried most of them and gifted a few to friends. I now keep a stash of my favorites at home and make my own sampler for travel. It's been wonderful to enjoy a beverage that supports my caffeine-free and gluten-free lifestyle. Thanks for creating this fabulous option. I encourage everyone to purchase the sampler packs and discover their favorites.

- Anonymous
I can still have my happy drink!

I have had to avoid coffee due to high amount of acid in it plus needed gluten free. I missed coffee so much! BUT then, though I was a skeptic at first, I tried Teeccino gluten free dandelion/chicory and it actually tastes pretty good and satisfies that coffee craving with something healthy. It actually does give me an energy boost too! I don't want a morning without it! LOVE it!

- Anonymous
I feel much better with Teeccino

I was diagnosed with celiac disease back in 2007 and even after going gluten free, my stomach still had sensitivities (bloating and distension). I've found after reducing the acidic foods and drinks I was having and increasing the alkaline (like Teeccino) I felt much better and finally got my flat stomach back!

- Emily
Caffeine can agitate gluten and casein allergies

I tried my first cup of Teeccino Hazelnut and was pleasantly surprised it was not flat tasting like other barley, carob & chicory root beverages I have tried. It really tastes like coffee. As for caffeine or mateine of other beverages, I can do without that, as I have recently learned in my Health class from Living University Online that anything which affects cortisol and GABA in my body is going to agitate my gluten and casein allergies as well. Caffeine can exhaust the adrenaline and thyroid gland operations, so I will wean myself away from decaf and caffeine finally by switching to Teeccino. The switch should also reduce my recent problems with IBS too! Thank you everyone at Teeccino.com for all the great health info and a fine product! :)

- Victor H.
A Fantastic Find!!

I have multiple allergies, one of which is caffeine; and I also have celiac disease. Finding such a delicious product that tastes like coffee without the side effects of migraines or stomach issues is FANTASTIC! I can't have chocolate either and I was concerned when I saw the mocha mint UNTIL I read the ingredients and saw Carob!! I love Carob and make wonderful brownies with it. I really enjoy having a nice cup of "coffee" now with no worries! Thank you SO MUCH for this product! You must promise never to go out of business!!!!

- Anonymous