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Teeccino's Delicious Flavor

Best tasting coffee alternative drink on the market

My dad is 90 and I switched him to Teeccino two years ago...he still has no idea! The hazelnut flavor is my favorite but honestly all of the flavors taste amazing. I have tried every brand on the market and Teeccino is the only that encompasses every ingredient I am interested in for a healthy coffee alternative replacement that still tastes great. I can drink the dandelion blend when I'm having a late night craving for a hot drink knowing it will support my detox desires on addition to tasting like delicious coffee. I must have a Teeccino every day!

- Anonymous

I ordered Chicory Herbal Coffee Hazelnut, first time to use a Teeccino product.
I really liked the flavor, and it tastes just like regular coffee.
My goal was to avoid the acidity of regular coffee without giving up "coffee". I was very happy to find this product. Definitely planning to get more. Also has some additional benefits. Thank you.

- Anonymous
Almond Amaretto is my favorite!

When my doctor told me I'd best quit drinking coffee and go on a low acid diet, I thought ugh, that is going to be rough. She suggested going on the internet to look up coffee substitutes, and that is how I found Teeccino. I immediately ordered a sampler and was thankful for the free shipping. The ability to brew this beverage much like coffee is a huge plus. I now have several favorite flavors (amaretto is #1) and don't miss the coffee experience at all!

- Anonymous
Start with the samplers

A friend introduced me to Teecino after I learned I could no longer enjoy my daily cup of joe. Unbeknownst to me, coffee was causing me all kinds of digestive issues. She gave me a couple of packs that she purchased at Whole Foods. I was hooked! When I discovered the variety of flavors available on Amazon... I was in love!!!!! Each pouch is packed with flavor. I usually drink two 10oz cups a day. I have so many favorites, but if I had to narrow it down to a couple I'd pick Red Chai, Maca Chocolate, and Mocha Mint. I also like Tumeric, French Roast, Hazelnut, and Coconut. I prep them just as I would coffee- a little cream (flavored or not) and a half packet of natural sweetener.

I love Teecino. It is delicious. My advice would be to start with the samplers. Once you find the flavors you like, buy the full box. I plan to give assortments out to my friends for Xmas. And I can't wait to try these flavors over ice!!!

- Anonymous
Excellent Healthy Coffee

I started drinking Teeccino 15 years ago for health reason. I continue to drink Teeccino blended with my special caffeinated coffees. My favorite Teeccino is Maca Chocolate Organic. It is dark with an intense flavor and smooth, which is important to me. I actually think the flavors have improved over the years. I can drink Teeccino and be confident that I will not get jittery and that I am drinking a healthy beverage.

- Anonymous
Great-tasting substitute!

For health reasons, I can't drink regular coffee, and even decaf is iffy. Teeccino is a very pleasant substitute, and it doesn't cause me any trouble. The dandelion flavors are especially good. I feel they taste a little more coffee-ish than the regular line, although I enjoy those also. If you can tolerate a bit of chocolate, the Dandelion Mint Mocha is magical! It's my favorite, although I can't drink it often since I'm supposed to avoid chocolate. Otherwise, the Caramel Nut, Vanilla Nut, Hazelnut, and Coconut flavors from both the regular line and the dandelion are my favorites.

- Anonymous