teeccino+3FNL2For her first Teeccino Ambassador event, Alea shared Teeccino at her husband’s office party with about 40 people! Taking place just a few days after the New Year, it sounds like everyone had health and wellness on their minds. She told us in her report –
“I created a Teeccino display that had Teeccino in the big coffee pot along with the individual packets along with some snacks. People responded very positively – they were surprised about all the benefits and all the coupons and brochures were picked up.  There was nothing left except a couple cups and signs.”

Alea spoke with everyone one-on-one about Teeccino, and we wholeheartedly agreed with her conclusion…
“I thought it was perfect and a great way to introduce people to Teeccino.”ALEASHINN
Thank you so much, Alea, for joining us at the Webinar and sharing Teeccino at your first Ambassador event! Let us know whenever you want to do another. We love all the pictures you sent and the fabulous report!
If YOU would like to be a Teeccino Ambassador like Alea, check out ‘Are You A Teeccino Ambassador?‘ and sign up by taking a brief survey!

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  1. Do i post here to request samples

  2. Thank you for allowing to become an ambassador, I love your teas and I am so excited to share them. Thanks again


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