ambassadorCARTOONslogan1-yellowOne year ago this month, Teeccino Ambassadors attended the very first online Ambassador Webinar, and started sharing Teeccino samples at their community events of all sizes!  We were amazed at the variety of events we received requests for – from small groups like book clubs and office lunches…large health fairs and church socials…even vegan meetups and a sci-fi convention! We want to thank our Ambassadors so much for participating in this new program and making it so fun for us! We invite new readers to let us know if they would like to be an Ambassador too! You can find out more about the program here and read about some recent events with Ambassadors Sheryl, Fern and Kim –

Sheryl had a group of fifty at her Swim Club where she would be talking about the benefits of clean eating and the acidity of our diets. After the event, Sheryl told us: “People were excited to try the product and that Teeccino is available at 3 of our local stores. There were others who already have tried Teeccino and like it and loved being able to try new flavors.”


Fern’s guest enjoying Teeccino!

We especially enjoyed the last line of Sheryl’s report: I love being able to explain the health benefits of these products and how even a coffee drinker can use this product as a soothing cup to wind down the day with!”
Fern, a doula and health care practitioner, had a get-together for about 20 women, and she told us soon afterwards: “The ladies loved the product and idea behind it. We were given the single serve tea bag like serving. I think my group enjoyed having a variety of tea-like bags to try. Chocolate flavor was the first to go!”
Kim applied for a few consecutive events, and ended up even doing a few more with some samples she had leftover! Kim told us: “I took about 20+ and handed them out at my local farmers market since most people there are looking for healthy alternatives. HUGE HIT!!! I received two emails this morning from immediate converts…
Soon after, Kim sent us another email: “Samples went FAST at my Convention at Johns Hopkins last week! I was out by day 2. Was especially popular at the evening breaks. People are really loving this product … and can’t believe how much it tastes like coffee!”
Just terrific…thank you, Sheryl, Fern and Kim! Thanks to all our Ambassadors for your enthusiasm, dedication and for sharing your stories and experiences with us. We know they will encourage new Teeccino fans and aficionados to share Teeccino in their own neighborhoods! 

THANK YOU ALL…for all you do!


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