Christa at AMMA’s tour – Washington, D.C., final stop

For the past several years, Teeccino has donated samples for AMMA‘s North American Tour. AMMA and its global network of charitable organizations, Embracing the World®, is active in over 40 countries, working to assist those in poverty to meet all of their basic needs — “food, shelter, education, healthcare and livelihood.” We are always happy to do whatever we can to support AMMA’s annual tour, which traveled the country from May 24th to July 18th.
The big difference this year was that Christa, our longtime contact at AMMA, decided to ‘go official’ as a Teeccino Ambassador by taking our online Webinar.  We are so grateful that Christa took the time to learn more about Teeccino, and was able to participate in a bigger way than ever before!  Christa wrote to us, as the tour was winding down…
“We are at the end of the U.S. tour with AMMA and I wanted to let you know that the Teeccino sales have been WONDERFUL!! People are asking more and more for this great product. I have included a picture from the snack shop table in Washington D.C .”
So terrific to hear, Christa and thanks for the great photo! We are glad our in-kind donation was well-received, and we were also proud to be in the company  of VitaCoco and Reed’s Ginger Brew.  Many thanks to AMMA, an incredible organization that has people talking…Martin Luther King’s daughter Yolanda King, Deepak Chopra…and recently, Jim Carrey! We’ll be glad to support AMMA’s tour again next year, and we hope AMMA’s attendees will enjoy our new high performance, gluten-free cereal, TeeChia next year as well!
The Teeccino Ambassador Webinar is now recorded and available for viewing online.  If you’d like to watch the 45 minute presentation, hosted by CEO Caroline MacDougall, please let us know by sending us this brief Ambassador questionnaire. Once you’ve completed the Webinar, you can share and serve Teeccino samples at your next event!

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