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Did you know that May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and we are going into tick season right now? Are you aware that although ticks have a season (mid-Spring to Fall), once someone has been infected with Lyme, the illness can be long-lasting and debilitating, requiring constant and vigilant medical attention?  It is an unfortunate reality that affects more people than most of us realize, and like many other medical issues, often requires a lifestyle change to improve one’s condition. Besides reducing or quitting caffeine, of course one of the best changes a person can make is to surround themselves with more supportive friends. Britt – a Teeccino Ambassador since last year – is making it happen!
Britt recently hosted her second Ambassador event at her Lyme support group, and she tells us:
“I attended my monthly Lyme disease support group meeting. I did not brew any, but had literature, samples and spoke about the products. Many people were very interested, as most of us are on very healthy eating plans (and often face many food allergies) so they were excited at the thought of having a coffee substitute. One of the attendees was a doctor who is opening a Lyme disease clinic in Minneapolis – she took a few samples and contacted me later to say she decided to have Teeccino available in her waiting area– she had never heard of it, but loved it.”
Thank you so much for sharing, and what an amazing result, Britt!  You also closed out your report with just what we like to hear:
“I am ready for the next meeting. I’m hoping to spread the word to some other members who may not have been at the last meeting. THANK YOU!” Thank YOU, Britt, for all all you do as a Teeccino Ambassador, and for how you support the members of your group in a very unique way!
If you are interested in becoming a Teeccino Ambassador – sharing the gift of good health with your friends, family and community – please read more about the Ambassador program here and sign-up to share Teeccino at your next event, by taking a brief survey!
***For more information about Lyme, check out What Everyone Should Know About Lyme Disease, a recent post by best-selling wellness author, Kris Carr (Crazy Sexy Cancer, Crazy Sexy Kitchen).  In the article and video, Kris interviews her personal doctor about how to best prevent and treat Lyme disease.

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