clarahuang-1finWhen Clara sent us her Teeccino Ambassador event request, we loved that it was a Christmas piano recital, by schoolchildren for their proud parents and music teacher, Clara!  With 40 people at the post-concert reception, it was the perfect size gathering for Clara to brew Teeccino to serve, as well as provide the performers and concert-goers Tee-bag samples to take home!
We appreciate all the details Clara sent us after the event! Read on for her lovely write-up about the kids’ concert and reception:
“I am pleased to report to fellow Ambassadors and Teeccino lovers that my official debut as a Teeccino Ambassador happened this past Saturday at my students’ annual recital. What fun recital it was, too!  Several months of weekly work and daily practice culminated in 14 fine performances on this day.  There is almost no greater reward than seeing the proud faces, beaming smiles and enthusiastic applause of a loving audience invested in, and so incredibly supportive of, the personal growth and musical progress of their individual loved ones.  I say, almost, because Teeccino went and made our post-recital reception an exceptional reward for all of us!”
Clara tells us about the post-concert fun, “We were more than happy to toast the end of another successful term together with heartwarming beverages provided by Teeccino, while munching delicious goodies prepared by the bakers in the group.  In my post-recital role as piano teacher turned Teeccino Ambassador, I made good to gush appropriately over my favorite Teeccino flavor – French Roast, and made doubly sure that everyone either tried a cup or took one to go!  All in all, the reception was an easy and most pleasurable, Ambassador’s debut. Teeccino was a huge hit with a good number of the guests and participants, many of whom were already well familiar with Teeccino’s wide variety of flavors and various health benefits.  Thanks to the folks at Teeccino, everyone got to savor a familiar beverage or try something new, plus take home a Tee-bag sample and coupon in their usual recital goody bag as a souvenir of, what I hoped will be, another special memory kind of day for everyone who came, because that’s exactly what my very first Teeccino Ambassador event was for me!”
We so appreciate you making Teeccino part of your students’ special evening, Clara!  Thanks also for the fabulous pic you sent of your Teeccino espresso station and display! We will be more than happy to support your future Ambassador events, at school or anywhere!
If you would like to share Teeccino with your community – at church, a party at your home or office, a book club or health group – perhaps you too are a Teeccino Ambassador!  You can read more about the program here on TeeccinoBuzz, and apply to be an Ambassador by taking a brief survey to join us at our next Ambassador Webinar!

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