mugheartDeAnna, a resident of Texas and a longtime Teeccino Ambassador, has done a number of Teeccino Ambassador events like DeAnna’s Congregation Camp-Out with Teeccino!, and just sent us a report about her most recent gathering –
“It was a class on basic family health care naturally and at home. As a part of the class, I introduced the participants to Teeccino as an alternative to caffeine. The different flavors were a hit! All 8 participants were excited to look for Teeccino the next time they went into Lubbock. I will continue to make Teeccino part of my classes.”
Thank you DeAnna! We are always so happy to receive your great reports and support your events! Thanks also for the great photo and fun story you sent to us as well…
“My husband and I have been enjoying more Teeccino and a lot less coffee over the past several months. About a month ago, after we had spent a special morning together with our cups of Teeccino, I found this “heart” at the bottom of my mug. I flavor mine with coconut oil, so you can see the way the small amount of Teeccino and the oil mixed together to make a pattern on the bottom of my mug. We do love our Teeccino!”
We love it, DeAnna! Thank you so much again and just let us know the next time you want to share samples…
Teeccino Ambassadors is a program where our most dedicated fans sign-up to be Ambassadors, and can make requests for samples to share at their local neighborhood events.  It’s easy to join by taking a quick survey and watching our online Webinar!

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