We are so glad Ellyn decided to be a Teeccino Ambassador!
One of the very first Teeccino Ambassadors to take our Webinar and host an event, Ellyn debuted as a Teeccino Ambassador on September 20, 2012 when she spoke to 25 people at her health class.  After receiving her Ambassador event request, we sent Ellyn Teeccino Tee-bags, brochures and coupons so she could host a great Ambassador event.  We were glad to hear it went so well and that Ellyn brought her own health knowledge (and Teeccino!) to share with her group:
“The course is on reducing sugar in the diet and replacing with anti-inflammatory super foods,” Ellyn reported. “We spoke first on the effects of sugar in our diets and how to begin cleansing, then related that to the inflammatory effects of coffee and offered Teeccino as a substitute.  Everyone took samples and coupons and seemed very willing to give it a try, some cold turkey and some by weaning it off.  We’re lucky because a Whole Foods right around the corner from our office sells Teeccino!”
Well, we feel lucky to have you as an Ambassador, Ellyn!  Keep up the great work…we know you feel as we do that the best part about being a Teeccino Ambassador is sharing the gift of good health with your community!
Are you interested in becoming a Teeccino Ambassador?  You can read more about the program here at Are You A Teeccino Ambassador? and join us at our next Webinar by taking a brief survey.

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