teeccinoambassadoreventWe are continually amazed at the array of important organizations our Ambassadors are involved in. Holly became a Teeccino Ambassador and shared her first set of samples at three different events! She wrote in her event request:
“At our church we have many families that are into healthy lifestyles and would love Teeccino.  We have a potluck coming up and a BBQ on June 18. I also am hosting an open house for WAR (Women At Risk) in mid-June.”
We made sure Holly got enough for her events and we loved what she reported afterwards:
“I was able to share a couple of the Tee-bag samples with a few ladies who I know are into healthy eating that came yesterday to the Women at Risk open house, and won’t be able to make the other event.  One of them just found out she had to give up caffeine and she was thrilled to learn about Teeccino.”
“Several people at our Potluck were thrilled to see Teeccino there (including the lady that introduced me to Teeccino.) She didn’t know there were FLAVORS. The place she gets it only has a couple varieties and she was excited to know there is Vanilla Nut and Hazelnut. It was so much fun introducing people to a new product!”
Holly wrapped up her report by saying:
“Thank you for letting me be a blessing to others and I still have two more events to do.”
Thank YOU for all you are doing, Holly! We so appreciate your good deeds in your community and that you have made them an opportunity to share Teeccino with others as well! We will be so glad to support your future Ambassador events, so just let us know!
Teeccino Ambassadors is a program where our most dedicated fans sign-up to be Ambassadors, and can make requests for samples to share at their local neighborhood events. We’ve supported so many different types of Ambassador events…from book clubs, office lunches and sci-fi conventions…to health fairs, holiday parties and church events!   We now have over 100 Teeccino Ambassadors active around the country.  The best news is, the program is still open to new Ambassadors!  It’s easy to join by taking a quick survey and watching our online Webinar – a history of Teeccino and info on its many health benefits, hosted by our CEO Caroline MacDougall. Once you’ve watched the Webinar, you can request samples online!

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