Janett’s sister and Janett (R) preparing the goodies!

Just a few days after attending our first Webinar, Janett sent in her event application and let us know what she was planning – a cozy little party at her sister’s home to share Teeccino with friends and family!  Janett actually was the very first Teeccino Ambassador to make an official event request!  Here’s what she told us about the afternoon party…
“I had the event at my sister’s house which is beautiful. There was a great Q&A period that I WISH my husband had gotten photos of! There was an overwhelmingly positive reaction.  Everyone loved the brewed Teeccino and REALLY loved the single-serving bags!”
Well, perhaps your husband was too busy drinking Teeccino to take pictures during the Q&A…but we love the photos you did send, Janett! Check out the Teeccino station, those caramel apples and snack bowls! It is a lovely setting and we really enjoyed the photos of your guests (below).  It looks like it was a wonderful time with friends and family with lots of goodies and herbal coffee to enjoy.
We want to thank you, Janett, for doing our very first official Ambassador event and for being an awesome Teeccino Ambassador!  We really appreciate the report and pictures you sent…you made us feel like we were right there with you! We’ll look forward to supporting your next event!
An Ambassador event can be anything from a cozy gathering with friends…to a large community health fair or church event.  If you think you’d like to be a Teeccino Ambassador, let us know by completing a brief survey and join us at our next Webinar!



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