Kay is a health coach and educator based in New York, and she has done a number of events as a Teeccino Ambassador. You can see some of Kay’s past events on our blog archive. Her most recent opportunity to share Teeccino was in Bayshore. Kay told us:

“On Saturday, November 5th, I visited the 118th year old first congregational church on Bayshore, Long Island. I introduced Teeccino to coffee drinkers and to my surprise many non-coffee drinkers too. I heard stories about how coffee is so good, how people can’t live without and how some are not going to ever give it up and others just gave it up when they were diagnosed with things that coffee made their illness worse. I reminded folks that I did not ask them to change, just be open to trying something different, because it was an alternative with no caffeine.”


In addition to her health coaching, Kay also comes from a strong marketing background and loves to tout Teeccino everywhere she goes…telling us:

“All and all more people are learning about Teeccino in all areas of New York, from the Capital (Albany to the City, and Long Island).  I am educating my State and the surrounding areas one sample at a time. Image is of (L) Sandy & (R) Marcy and Sandy’s baby.”

Another awesome opportunity you sought out to share Teeccino…thank you, Kay! We always love reading your detailed reports and seeing the fabulous photos you send!We’ll be thrilled to support your next event.

If you love Teeccino and think others you meet will too, can enjoy the perks of being a Teeccino Ambassador – by taking our quick survey! Then we’ll send you a link to our Webinar – a history of Teeccino and info on its health benefits, hosted by our CEO Caroline MacDougall. It’s easy to request samples online for your event!

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