Doctor Nick, PT – a new fan of Teeccino!

Health & lifestyle coach Kay from New York City takes Teeccino just about everywhere she goes, and has been since 2014! Recently she brought Teeccino to her Physical Therapy Office in Harrison, NY where she introduced it to a few staff members there, but specifically to her own physical therapist, Doctor Nick. Kay told us:
“Doctor Nick started off tasting the French Roast & Dandelion Vanilla Nut and progressed on to
the Regular Dandelion and then Caramel Dandelion Nut and lastly to Hazelnut. He said he enjoyed the fact that it was made with chicory, Ramon seeds, had no caffeine whatsoever, offered up a natural pick-me-up and that the Mediterranean blends were sweetened naturally with dates; the Dandelion offered something special too. Nick admitted that flavor he likes the best is the Dandelion Dark Roast, that is ironically the flavor I was most reluctant to give him. Now that he knows that is indeed his flavor, Nick has now become a true believer and customer.” Kay took a great photo and said,”Nick is not only a great Doctor of PT, he wears some hot bow-ties too. Check out that unique wooden bow tie he is rocking while holding Teeccino packets with a joyous smile. Doctor Nick’s motto to his clients is ‘attitude generates results.'”
Thanks for your fantastic report and for always sharing Teeccino, Kay! We always enjoy supporting your Ambassador events.
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