Kelli is a longtime Teeccino Ambassador who has done a number of Ambassador events. You may remember her feature here on TeeccinoBuzz “Kelli’s Two Cool Events!” or her Thanksgiving with Teeccino! Well, Kelli has done it again. She recently shared Teeccino at another two events – a yoga class and a Weight Watchers meeting. Kelli told us:
KellisTeeccinoAmbassadorYoga2final“This was my last yoga class for 2014. After class we all got together for goodies and Teeccino. People were swept away by the taste. We just heated water and sampled the tee bags. Everyone was excited to try the different samples. People then took an extra sample of their choice home with them along with the coupons (great idea). The attendees felt that they did not even need to add to sugar or creamer since they enjoyed the taste so much. It was a great treat to have after a relaxing yoga class.”

The Weight Watchers event brought even more positive results…
“I brewed and gave away samples to all of my Weight Watchers members in the month of December and the first week of January. I currently facilitate 4 meetings a week and I was able to reach approximately 70 people between all of the groups. The members seemed to really enjoy the dandelion flavors, and the Vanilla Nut. They loved that they could take a sample home with them. I even had church members come in and ask what “that wonderful smell was” as I was brewing the Teeccino. Of course they were offered samples too. I was so excited to share this with others, especially the members who were looking for something sweet in the afternoon. Some said that it may even help with the 3pm sweet cravings! They were interested to know that there was no caffeine and they could drink it in the afternoon without the effects that coffee can produce. They were also interested in all of the available flavors.”
YES, Kelli! Teeccino is great for all of those reasons and more. And thank you for sending us this fun photo from your yoga class event! We so appreciate all the many places and ways you find to share Teeccino and are so glad you are getting great feedback. We’ll be happy to support your upcoming Ambassador events!
Teeccino Ambassadors is a program for our most dedicated fans. You can join us as a Teeccino Ambassador and make requests for samples to share at events – large or small. We’ve sent Teeccino for events like book clubs, office lunches, sci-fi conventions, health fairs, holiday parties and church events!  It’s simple to get started with a quick survey and if selected, we’ll send you a link to watch the Ambassador Webinar online at your convenience!
Become an Ambassador for a fun and easy way to share your love of Teeccino with others…plus special deals, discounts and cool company swag!


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