Kelli's Tee-bag and hot water set-up!

Kelli’s Tee-bag and hot water set-up

Remember back in April when we posted on TeeccinoBuzz about Kelli’s Two Cool Events, a small home “Tee-party” gathering and a Weight Watchers awards ceremony? Well, Kelli just wrote us about her third Teeccino Ambassador event – a Thanksgiving Feast! We loved what she told us –
“The event was a Thanksgiving Feast put on by my son’s preschool. There were parents, grandparents, teachers and children in attendance. I served Teeccino Tee-bags with hot water, so people could make their own. Many people commented on how delicious it tasted and how it did not even need any additives such as sugar or creamer like coffee. There was one lady there that was pregnant and was so excited that she could drink this during her pregnancy. I also had a few other people comment that they were trying to give up coffee and were excited that there were so many different flavors available.”
Kelli also reported, “I think this is a great experience. So far I have promoted Teeccino at three events and I hope to be able to keep on promoting. I have so many opportunities to do so. I just want to show people that there are alternatives to coffee out there.”
We think this was a terrific Teeccino Ambassador event and report, Kelli…and we thank you for being such an active Ambassador! We appreciate the photo too, and will be happy to support your next event!
Teeccino Ambassadors is a program we started just over a year ago.  Our most dedicated fans sign-up to be Ambassadors, and can make requests for Teeccino samples to share at their local neighborhood events. We’ve supported so many different types of Ambassador events…from book clubs, office lunches and sci-fi conventions…to health fairs, holiday parties and church events!  We now have over 100 Teeccino Ambassadors active around the country.  The best news is, the program is still open to new Ambassadors!  It’s easy to join by taking a quick survey and watching our online Webinar – a history of Teeccino and info on its many health benefits, hosted by our CEO, Caroline MacDougall. Once you’ve watched the Webinar, you can easily request samples online!

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