Kelli enjoys Vanilla Nut Teeccino!A new Teeccino Ambassador since March, Kelli decided to do two very different events to start off her Ambassadorship! One was a cozy house party with 15 guests – the other was an awards ceremony for Weight Watchers employees, with 300 people in attendance. Kelli told us about her first Ambassador event…
“This event was a small get together since I just became an Ambassador and wanted to try out the products with some friends and family before I took on a large venue. I was so happy to introduce this great product to others who have never tried it before. People were very impressed that it came in portable Tee-bags” that they could take with them to a restaurant or work. They were also happy to know that they did not have to brew a large amount they KelliLguestscould just have a fresh cup whenever they wanted.”
“They were impressed with the taste too. I think the favorite one was the French Roast, which people felt was the closest to the taste of coffee. They were happy that they could make the cup as strong or as weak as they wanted by steeping the “tee” longer. Overall all comments were positive and some people even asked to try another flavor. So I had to add the second favorite flavor – Vanilla Nut, which people thought made an excellent after dinner treat without the added calories of a dessert.”
Kelli’s second event was the Weight Watchers awards ceremony. Kelli reported, “The event was celebrating those employees that had years of dedicated service as well as performance awards.  People asked several questions about Teeccino and were pleased that it was an alternative to coffee. I heard comments such as “‘this has such a rich taste’ and ‘it is so creamy.’ Also many people commented that it did not even require any additives such as milk, creamer or sugar to enhance the taste!”
WOW!  We just can’t thank you enough for this amazing start you’ve made, Kelli.  We love to support all Ambassador events, large and small…and we truly appreciate both the reports you sent! We’ll be happy to support your next Ambassador outing!
From New York to California, Ambassadors share their love for Teeccino at house parties, church events, book clubs, health fairs…and more! Do you think YOUR community needs a Teeccino Ambassador? Could it be YOU? If so, let us know by sending in this brief survey, or contacting us at!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am looking forward to doing my first event here in Fredericksburg, VA. I am thinking of going to the Wegman's grocery store and also the Riverfest that is coming up!
    I love the organic French Roast, my favorite! I think the Original roast is really great, too! Looking forward to trying some of the other flavors.

    1. Fantastic, Danielle! We are so glad to have you as a new Teeccino Ambassador! Thank you for commenting...and we look forward to your upcoming events! <3


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