MELINDAJACH2Melinda was one of the very first to come on board when we asked our Facebook community, “Are You A Teeccino Ambassador?“…and she has been busy ever since! With two events so far, her debut as an Ambassador was at a party at her home for 30 guests, then just a few weeks ago Melinda represented Teeccino at a hospital wellness event for over 400 attendees!  In a short time Melinda has already introduced hundreds of her fellow Texans to Teeccino, and she has two Ambassador events planned next month at her church service and a local store!
Melinda told us about her first event at her home: “The party went well. Everybody was willing to try the product. Some aren’t coffee drinkers so they didn’t know what to compare it to. The coffee drinkers were excited about all the flavors and the fact that it doesn’t have acid.”   
Melinda’s second Ambassador outing was a free women’s health and wellness event, For Women For Life, offering education on healthy living and organized by Baylor Health Hospitals. In fact it was the hospital’s 10th Anniversary of the event! Melinda approached an organizer early-on to see how she could participate as an Ambassador…
“I contacted the nurse navigator at Baylor and asked if I could attend, showing the awesome benefits of Teeccino.  She seemed willing to try even though they don’t promote outside products, this was a first for Baylor to allow.  She wanted something that all the ladies could benefit from.”  
As it turns out, Melinda’s inquiry resulted in a very rewarding and enlightening time for all!  She tells us about the big day: “The ladies were very interested in the product. 1 out of every 4 were told to give up coffee due to fibrocystic breast disease, acid reflux and heart palpitations. Women who don’t drink coffee wanted to try because of the health benefits. We are sure to be invited back to next year’s event. They also said it would be a good idea to attend the other area hospitals so that those women to could enjoy this product.”
We so appreciate you being such an active Ambassador for health in your neighborhood and community, Melinda!  We think it’s awesome that you share Teeccino with your neighbors, church members, the caring staff at Baylor and all the attendees at For Women For Life.  We look forward to supporting your upcoming Ambassador events!
Would YOU like to have an Ambassador party or meet-up where you serve Teeccino, or give out samples of Teeccino at one of your health-conscious community events?  You too can be a Teeccino Ambassador in your neighborhood!
Please complete this brief survey and you will be on your way to being a Teeccino Ambassador! You can also read about other Ambassadors and their events here on TeeccinoBuzz page!

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