TeeccinoVegFest2013-finWhen Roberta came on board as a Teeccino Ambassador, we were just delighted – she is a health-conscious vegan who has been drinking Teeccino for years…and for her very first event, she offered to sample and serve Teeccino at the big two-day festival, VegFest Colorado! Roberta told us:
VegFest” is a health and environment fair supporting a plant-based diet and lifestyle and is the biggest vegan event held in the state of Colorado! The two day event was held July 6 & 7th, 2013 in the beautiful foothills of Golden, Colorado and greeted over 4000+ visitors over the weekend event. The event featured expert chefs demonstrating healthful vegan dishes and renowned speakers whoaddressed health, diet and environmental issues.”

“As a new Teeccino Ambassador, and vegan, I was delighted to work this event and provide freshly brewed samples of Teeccino to attendees. There was a mixed crowd of people with some that were familiar with Teeccino, some who were getting reacquainted with the brand again, and some who were pleasantly surprised by the delicious taste, added health benefits and best of all, no caffeine! Many of the attendees were pleased that they could purchase it locally and many loved the ease and portability of the new Tee-bags.”
Sounds like an awesome event, Roberta. We are so thrilled that you decided to participate in this event as an Ambassador! Thank you so much for jumping right into the program with such enthusiasm and dedication! We know you have more Ambassador event ideas in mind already, and we will be glad to support!
Ambassador events can be large, such as a local health fair…or small, a simple gathering with friends or co-workers! Read about the many different recent Ambassador events, and let us know if you’d like to become a Teeccino Ambassador in your neighborhood!  It’s fun, you can earn Teeccino shwag, discounts and special offers…and most of all, it’s a great way to share the ‘gift of good health’ in your community!

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