Stefanie with Hazelnut Teeccino Tee-bags!

Stefanie requested her Teeccino samples a few weeks before her event, an Independence Day party at her home for about 35 guests, and she reported after the get-together:
“I hosted a holiday 4th of July party and it was the perfect time to share samples of Teeccino. I invited families, couples, and good friends and neighbors and all of them loved it. Many people hadn’t tried it before so I made a lot of new Teeccino fans. Sarah said, ‘I love how great the flavors are!’, while Nicole and Jessica replied  ‘I love that it is a natural drink that tastes so good.’ Jeremy told me, ‘I stopped drinking coffee because I was getting headaches and jitters, but I have missed the taste and now I found a great new product.'”
Many of the guests loved that they could get the taste of coffee without any side effects. They loved trying the samples and that they now had a great alternative to coffee.  Many also loved that now they could enjoy a coffee tasting drink anytime of day and how easy the Teeccino was to make.”
What a blast, Stefanie!  It sounds like you really got the sparks to fly between your guests and Teeccino herbal coffee! We appreciate you hosting your first Ambassador event in such a fun way, and on such an important day, too. Whenever you want to host another Ambassador event, we’ll be glad to send you Teeccino samples to share!
Do you love Teeccino…and would like to share it with your friends, neighbors and community?  Learn more about the program, and if you would like to become a Teeccino Ambassador like Stefanie, just let us know by taking this brief survey!

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