Tangela and her group enjoying Teeccino together!

We are so honored that as a new Teeccino Ambassador, Tangela shared Teeccino with her church group in New Jersey earlier this month. Right after the event, Tangela sent us a report and even quotes of feedback she received!  As it turns out, her Senior Minister was already familiar with Teeccino…as Tangela tells us:
“I held my first Ambassador event on Sunday, February 3rd. I am the hospitality coordinator for the ministerial staff at my church and they were my first group. Our Senior Minister is one who shares with us about our spiritual health and natural health.  He had introduced us to Teeccino a few years ago and I am reintroducing it!  It is catching on! Below are some of the reviews from our event. Looking forward to more!”

  • “I enjoyed it very much, has a soothing effect.”
  • “Teeccino is extremely delicious.  It is soothing and very tasty. It’s not too strong or harsh but has just the right blend of ingredients.  As a former coffee drinker and current.”
  • “I enjoy Teeccino. It is a nice warm relaxing drink that I think everyone will enjoy.”
  • “I sampled the Dark Roast. It was delicious. It had a rich coffee taste that I like.”
  • “Teeccino is very tasty! I really could switch over from coffee, it really satisfies the coffee lover in me!”
  • “Teeccino is one of those very comforting hot drinks and delicious tasting!”
  • “I find Teeccino to be a soothing drink that is robust & full of flavor.”

WOW, we absolutely LOVE all of the comments you sent in, Tangela! Thank you so much for hosting your Ambassador event, sharing Teeccino with this fantastic group and sending us such a great report!  We look forward to supporting your next event, Tangela…so just let us know!
If YOU are interested in being a Teeccino Ambassador and want to find out more, please consider filling out this brief survey and attending our next Webinar.  You will learn all about Teeccino, its health benefits and how to get started sharing Teeccino with your friends, family and community!

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