Taylor in her gown...at her Teeccino display!

Taylor at her graduation…at her lovely Teeccino display!

Taylor became a Teeccino Ambassador just a couple months ago and it’s been a whirlwind tour (literally!) ever since. Taylor discovered Teeccino while working at Bhakti Fest the last few years – and inquired this fall about our Ambassador program. Shortly after she applied to share samples at her first event – her graduation from massage school! – Taylor agreed to work along with our team at SoCal VegFest, a large event in her area. She told us in her own words:

“I first came into contact with Teeccino while vending at Bhakti Fest myself as a pizza chef several years ago. It’s made a lasting impression as I’ve been drinking it for 3 years now. I graduated from the American Institute of Massage Therapy — Santa Ana, which provides “a career in just one year”! Though healing and massage therapy have been a part of my life since the age of 4, I am now distributing my own business cards for family members. When I am passionate about something I can’t help but share with those around me. In that way, everyone around me now drinks Teeccino. I am a strict practitioner of Bhakti Yoga philosophy and have lived in a Krishna temple and ashram for almost two years. I believe we must nourish not only the body like a temple but also our soul. Hare Krishna.”

We applaud your passion in your pursuits, Taylor, and we are thrilled that being a Teeccino Ambassador is one of them!


Shanon (our marketing manager) and Taylor at SoCal VegFest!

Taylor also told us, “Vegfest was an absolute thrill…non-stop visitors inquiring about the story and flavors behind Teeccino! Shannon (Teeccino’s marketing manager) and I made a great team. I’ve been a vegetarian/vegan for two years and it has changed my life for the better. I was thrilled to see so many people enjoy delicious foods that surprised their taste buds.”

Thank you for working alongside us at SoCal VegFest, Taylor, and congratulations on becoming a licensed massage therapist! We’ll be happy to support your future events.

It’s easy (and fun!) to be a Teeccino Ambassador! Just send in this survey and we’ll tell you where to find our online Webinar – a history of Teeccino and info on its many health benefits – hosted by our CEO Caroline MacDougall. Once you’ve watched the Webinar, you can request your free samples to share!


The team (Taylor & Shanon) working hard at SoCal VegFest!

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