tiaretreatTia’s Ambassador event, a weekend mountain retreat for about 50 people, was a lovely time for all! She shared Teeccino with her fellow retreat-goers, who learned they could enjoy ‘coffee’ all day long! Tia said:
“The event was a nice weekend event away in the mountains in North Carolina for healing sessions. At night we would all go out and sit in the garden for meditation and prayer and storytelling – with our cups of Teeccino! Everyone absolutely loved Teeccino! Yes, including the coffee drinkers.”
“We all stayed in the lodge together, so each morning, Teeccino was brewing in one coffeemaker and coffee was brewing in the other. Guess which one went first…TEECCINO!  And, when it was out, more was brewed. Because it was so great and nourishing, people also drank this in the afternoon. And again, at night when we were in the garden AND when we returned from the garden…Teeccino and cookies before bed. Needless to say, I am completely out of those samples. And people were eager to get to their homes to find the stores that carry this product.”
WOW, Tia…thank you!  What an awesome response you got, and a fantastic report you’ve shared with us!  We are so glad you participated in our online Webinar to become a Teeccino Ambassador. We’ll be happy to support your next Ambassador event!
If you can think of an event or place you’d like to share Teeccino with others and you’d like to be the one to share it, let us know via this brief survey….and we’ll get you started on the path to Teeccino Ambassadorship! 

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