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Vicky, a new Teeccino Ambassador in Tennessee, recently requested samples for her first event at her church.  Vicky wanted to share Teeccino at the church’s 3rd annual 4-day Survival/Preparedness and health event where they were expecting over 200 people a day! Vicky told us in her event report how she did a “blind taste test” with Teeccino and regular coffee! She wrote:
“The first day I had many of our guests do a blind taste test and most preferred the Teeccino to the regular coffee (the rest were equally pleased with both), and were totally amazed when they found out that not only was it herbal but that it had no coffee in it at all! And that was just the Java – they really loved the flavors. The rest of the days, even though I had the coffee urn with regular coffee, they kept asking me to make pot after pot of the Teeccino! In the evening we kept hot water for tea, cocoa and regular coffee of course (for around the camp fires) and I would put out the Teeccino Tee-bags and they went faster than the cocoa and tea!”
We absolutely love it, Vicky! Thank you SO much for being a Teeccino Ambassador and for sending in this terrific event report! We will be happy to support your next Ambassador event…just let us know!
Teeccino Ambassadors is a program we started just over a year ago.  Our most dedicated fans sign-up to be Ambassadors, and can make requests for Teeccino samples to share at their local neighborhood events. We’ve supported so many different types of Ambassador events…from book clubs, office lunches and sci-fi conventions…to health fairs, holiday parties and church events!   We now have over 100 Teeccino Ambassadors active around the country.  The best news is, the program is still open to new Ambassadors!  It’s easy to join by taking a quick survey and watching our online Webinar – a history of Teeccino and info on its many health benefits, hosted by our CEO, Caroline MacDougall. Once you’ve watched the Webinar, you can easily request samples online!

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