FullSizeRender Dr. Jackie Campisi has been an Ambassador since fall of 2014 and was an ‘unofficial’ Ambassador/advocate for many years prior.  Dr. Jackie Campisi was first featured on our blog last month under Andy’s Birthday Was Tasty With Teeccino!
Dr. Campisi had spent 25 years in practice as an optometrist when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. After a mastectomy which took her out of work for some time, and remission, the cancer came back to her spine in 2014. After another surgery, Jackie decided that she needed to make a lifestyle change “Every day since I have marched the march. I’m going to reverse stage 4 cancer without traditional methods. Only healthy eating. People started following me, enjoying my vegan pies and desserts and saying “there is a 3 foot rule with Dr. C – ‘if you are within 3 feet of me you’ll be eating salads and vegan food!’”
At this same time Dr. Campisi moved to Florida and also began working in her role at

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