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Teeccino Started With A Dream

One morning in 1993, award-winning tea designer, Caroline MacDougall, awoke from a dream with a compelling vision to create a bold, robust brew from roasted herbs. She even dreamed the name of it would be Teeccino. Propelled by her own sensitivity to caffeine and acidity, Caroline designed Teeccino to satisfy both coffee and tea drinkers alike with its rich, full body and its many health benefits. Now years later, Teeccino is the #1 brand of coffee alternatives and roasted herbal teas with over 24 organic and gluten-free flavors. Often people ask, is it coffee or is it tea? Our answer is simple ~ it’s Teeccino!



Our Company believes in supporting our customer’s optimal health and protecting life on our planet. These two principles guide all our decisions about our products and how we source their ingredients. By pioneering new trade for herbs harvested in rural communities, Teeccino creates economic opportunities where income is scarce. Our Company is dedicated to the four “Ps”: purpose, people, planet, and profits. To which we also add the fifth “P”: passion, which fuels our dedication to service on behalf of the common good.



Teeccino is a delicious blend of organic herbs like chicory, carob, dandelion or barley plus fruits and nuts that are roasted and ground to brew like coffee or steep like tea. All our products contain the highest quality ingredients without any artificial flavors, preservatives, chemicals or stimulants like caffeine and sugar. A cup of Teeccino brims with many health benefits including natural energy from nutrients, heart-healthy potassium and prebiotic inulin. If you’re new to Teeccino, we recommend our samplers that provide a variety of flavors to enjoy while discovering your favorites.



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Teeccino Herbal Coffee Starter Kit with Stainless Steel French Press

3 x 11 oz bags and 1 French press pot

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Teeccino Herbal Coffee Variety Pack: Vanilla Nut, French Roast & Mocha

3 x 11 oz bags

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Teeccino Classic Tea Variety Pack

4 x 10 Count Tea Bag Boxes

Rated 3.67 out of 5

Dandelion Caramel Nut Herbal Coffee

10 Oz

$15.99 $14.99 – or subscribe and get 15% off
Rated 4.81 out of 5

Tea Bag Sampler

Rated 4.75 out of 5

Dandelion Dark Roast Herbal Tea

10 Tea Bags

$5.99 – or subscribe and get 15% off
Rated 4.90 out of 5

Chocolaté Chicory Roasted Herbal Tea

25 Tea Bags

$11.99 $10.49 – or subscribe and get 15% off
Rated 4.71 out of 5

Learning Center

Six Tips For Reducing Cortisol

Cortisol is a necessary stress hormone designed to help you wake up in the morning and in emergencies, to cope with danger.

Decaf Coffee And Health

Decaffeinated coffee by law has to have 97% of its caffeine removed. No decaffeination method is able to remove 100% of the caffeine.

Our Ingredients

Each cup of Teeccino is made up of carob, barley (except Dandelion), chicory root, ramon seeds, dates & figs, almonds and other natural flavors.

Health Benefits Of Teeccino

Every cup of Teeccino is brimming with nutritious health benefits that are naturally released during brewing from Teeccino’s herbs, grains, fruits and nuts.

What Our Customers

Say About Teeccino

Teeccino love

I tasted Teeccino years ago from a friend who drank it regularly. I forgot about it until recently another friend of mine started having some bladder/kidney issues. Upon reading some information I gave her, she decided to give up caffeine to see if it would help alleviate her issues. I bought her a bag of mocha Teeccino to assist in this arduous task. Giving up caffeine did help her! She and her girls love it. My family likes to drink it also. It helps me cut out caffeine in the afternoons, and my daughter can drink a cup with me in the evening.


jill schisano

My husband is from Sorrento‚ Italy and loves his expresso coffee in the morning. It remainds him of his home country. Without telling him I switched from totally acid dark roast coffee to a mixture of Teeccino and expresso dark roast. He loved it and couldn’t tell the difference. Little by little I am adding more Teeccino in the expresso pot. I also love it in my cuppuccino Actually it tastes even better than the old cuppuccino. Thanks for inventing it!! Ciao‚ Jill p.s. I forgot to tell you I use the Teeccino dark Maya Roast mixing it with the Expresso.

Kelly and Tony

We are truly grateful for this wonderful product! My husband and I were informed by our heart Doctor that we must have NO CAFFEINE PERIOD!! Being major coffee lovers‚ we had to find something to take it’s place. Teeccino has been a MAJOR BLESSING‚ not only does it taste great‚ it’s healthy for you too!!! Thank you so much for the new Teeccino TREASURE we found 🙂

Jane Peterson

Hi Teeccino Family‚ My husband and I are seniors. After drinking coffee for all those years‚ especially my husband‚ we switched to healthy Teeccino. And are we glad! We don’t even like the other old acidic ‘regular’ coffee. It doesn’t taste good any more. Thanks Teeccino‚ we love you. Jane Peterson

Kristi Alward

I love teeccino! Being pregnant and nursing these are wonderful!! They do not affect nursing by making the baby anxious with caffeine. And when I am pregnant they do not give a hyperness like coffee‚ but just one cup in the A.M. gives me such a nice energy boost and a regular B.M. for with pregnancy comes constipation. Teeccino is great for mamas!! Thank you so much for all the great flavors.. My opinion is Vanilla is the BEST! Kristi

Marcia‚ Deerfield Beach‚ FL

My husband and I can’t get over how great Teeccino tastes. It tastes just like flavored coffee. My daughters didn’t know that they weren’t drinking coffee.

Health Benefits of Teeccino

Heart Healthy

Teeccino contains bioavailable potassium, an electrolyte mineral that naturally extracts into your cup along with soluble fiber. Potassium is important for good cardiovascular health and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Soluble fiber lowers total cholesterol and supports good elimination.*

Energy From Nutrients

Each cup of Teeccino is packed with polyphenols and plant micronutrients. Get an energy boost without the crash. The pinitol from carob helps cells absorb nutrients for natural energy. No chemical processing is used for processing or extraction. Drink freely day or night.*


Every cup of Teeccino contains 650 mg of inulin, a prebiotic soluble fiber from chicory root that supports a healthy population of beneficial probiotics necessary for good digestive health. Unlike coffee, Teeccino is non-acidic and is easy on your stomach.*

Herbal Ingredients in Teeccino


Ramon Seeds

Roasted ramón seeds, a traditional beverage of the Maya civilization before the Spaniards brought coffee to the Americas, are wild-harvested in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. With deep coffee-like flavor mixed with lush chocolate notes, its harvest provides income for impoverished families living in the reserve.


Roasted chicory root, France’s favorite coffee alternative, imparts a smoother, non-acidic body to Teeccino. With its bright blue flowers, varieties of chicory are now enjoyed as salad leaves, as a prebiotic, and a delicious brewed beverage.


Roasted Spanish carob pods contribute sweet chocolaty flavor notes with plant polyphenols that help fight free radicals.* A wild tree native to the Mediterranean, carob has been valued since Biblical times for its delicious and energy-providing nutrients.

Organic Barley

Called 'Café D’Orzo' in Italy, Mugicha in Japan and Boricha in Korea, roasted barley is loved around the world for its dark roasted flavor that is considered cleansing and refreshing. Enjoyed both hot and cold, roasted barley complements roasted chicory and carob to create a coffee-like brew.

Roasted Dandelion Root

Our Dandelion roasted teas are completely gluten free. Roasted dandelion root is renowned for its detox properties whose bitterness stimulates the liver and gallbladder.* Teeccino Dandelion teas are certified gluten free. With polyphenols, minerals, and plant nutrients, a brew made from dandelion root is stimulating and cleansing for your body.

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