Teeccino Dandelion 12oz Ceramic Mug

Official Drinking Vessel


Not long ago, we had suppliers visiting us from Germany, at our office in Santa Barbara. I served them Teeccino in a motley assortment of our kitchen mugs. Okay, you know how the Germans are. They have everything designed to perfection. Let’s just say, I was embarrassed because I had visited their company where everything is branded, including the floor tile!

I resolved to find the perfect Teeccino mug that would qualify as our “official mug”. No more kitsch for our guests. I chose a ceramic 12 oz mug that feels perfect in your hands while you cradle your warm cup of Teeccino and soft against your lips as you sip. It is beautifully decorated with the dark Teeccino logo and bright red No-Caf heart with our latest dandelion motif. Its lovely midnight blue color will grace any table or desk. Now not only you, but everyone else will know that you are drinking Teeccino!


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