TeeChia Cranberry Apple Super Seed Cereal

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Nutrient-dense super seeds in a delicious blend with gluten-free oats, cranberries, apples, and almonds create a sustained energy cereal to keep you energized and satisfied all morning long

10.6 oz Super Seeds Cereal

Certified Gluten-Free



While searching for a nutrient-dense breakfast that would be ready to eat in moments and that could easily be prepared even in a hotel room, I was inspired to create TeeChia. I wanted to start my day by eating super seeds, nature’s powerhouses filled with omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals plus plenty of fiber and protein.  TeeChia Sustained Energy Cereal is made from 6 organic super seeds plus certified gluten-free rolled oats. Sweetened purely with fruit, TeeChia produces lasting energy, satiety (satisfying fullness), and regularity.

If you’re used to a sweetened cereal baked to crunchiness but light on nutrients, you may need to adjust to TeeChia’s smoother texture. Add crunch from fresh berries and chopped nuts. Put TeeChia in your smoothies so you’ll feel full and satisfied for hours. Experiment eating TeeChia both hot and cold. Soon you won’t miss those over-baked cereals with their load of sugar!

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  • 6g fiber with a high percentage of soluble fiber to slow the release of carbohydrates and promote regularity
  • 28g whole grains & from organic quinoa organic amaranth and oats
  • 1200mg ALA omega-3 essential fatty acids from organic chia organic flax and organic pumpkin seeds
  • Antioxidants from chia, ramón seeds, oats. quinoa. cranberries. almonds and dates
  • 7g protein

Organic Super Seed Blend (organic quinoa flakes, organic amaranth flakes, organic milled chia seeds, organic milled flax seeds (golden brown), organic pumpkin seeds, organic raw roasted ramón seeds) gluten-free rolled oats, dates (dates, rice flour), roasted almonds, organic dried cranberries (cranberries, apple juice, sunflower oil), organic apples, organic cinnamon,  natural cranberry apple flavors*

Contains Almonds

Certified gluten-free & no added sugar

*All Teeccino flavors are extracted from plants and comply with organic standards.

There are so many ways to enjoy TeeChia! Here are a few suggestions:

• Place about 1/2 cup (50g) of TeeChia in a cereal bowl.
• Add 1/2 cup hot water and stir to mix throughly.
• Let soak in for a minute
• Add milk or yogurt as desired
• Add fresh berries or chopped fruit as desired

• Place about 1/2 cup (50g) of TeeChia in a cereal bowl.
• Add cold milk, kefir, or yogurt
• Stir to mix thoroughly.
• Add fresh berries or chopped fruit for extra sweetness and nutrients

• Add TeeChia to your smoothie to add body and nutrients
• Blend with all other ingredients

• Add TeeChia to granola or cereal flakes to increase their nutrition
• Add nuts to TeeChia for more crunchiness

OPTIONAL:  Honey, maple syrup or a natural non-caloric sweetener like stevia can sweeten TeeChia if desired. Juice can be an alternative for milk too!

8 reviews for TeeChia Cranberry Apple Super Seed Cereal

  1. Joy

  2. Kellie Hill

  3. gerald wright

  4. Yuliya Riley

  5. Allyn Ciccone

    I have this before my gym workout. No sugar lulls, just sustained energy.

  6. Gigi

    Awesome breakfast cereal!

    Delicious and more filling than traditional oats because of the chia and flax seeds. If you mix it with hot water and let it sit for a few minutes it expands quite a bit and you get a lot of bang for you buck in regards to calories. Plus all the ingredients are healthy, no artificial crap. Highly recommend this cereal. I add a little stevia to make it even sweeter but it doesn’t really need it. Also the spices and fruit/nuts make it way more interesting than a regular bowl of oatmeal.

  7. Kansas City PhysioTherapy

    cranberry apple teechia

    I rate this a 5 star ! i have been using and introducing my patients to teechino for years, and tried the Teechia cereals recently. After purchasing some chia seeds, toasting them, and eating them as a snack, I’ve become a HUGE fan of chia. They are delicious ! I then tried the teechia cereal again…..and absolutely, they are the best ! Plus I know what great nutrition I am enjoying. Thanks so much for your wonderful products !

  8. Willow

    Great Taste, Balanced Energy & Regularity

    I love to make my Apple Cranberry Teechia with a little hot water first then add 0% Greek yogurt, berries or sliced green apple, a few nuts and a drizzle of agave syrup. Really yummy and starts my day off right. I have grounded, balanced energy all morning, can eat less for lunch and have the extra added plus of regularity. I really notice the difference on the days I don’t have Teechia. This is a breakthrough product for breakfast in my book!

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