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Permanent Basket Filter
For Flat Bottom Coffeemakers

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Stainless steel woven mesh flat bottom filter that fits Mr. Coffee® and other flat bottom coffeemaker brands. This filter allows all the flavor to pass into your cup and doesn’t waste trees!

2 sizes available: 12 cup and 4 cup

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Save trees by replacing paper filters with an inexpensive permanent filter made from golden stainless-steel mesh. Paper filters get clogged and strip away some of Teeccino’s delicious flavor during brewing. Highly recommended for all of Teeccino’s chocolate blends as paper filters can get clogged by the cocoa powder that produces the chocolate flavor. 

Teeccino drips through these filter baskets perfectly, so why complicate your brewing ritual? Never run out of paper filters again. Go green!

  • Universal design fits all coffeemakers using standard 12-cup flat bottom basket filters
  • Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel woven mesh
  • Convenient handle for removal after brewing
  • Dishwasher safe for easier cleaning. Clean once a week or if filter becomes slow to drip.
  • Handle with care as grounds and filer may be hot after brewing
  • Do not compact grounds as this could cause the mesh to clog
  • Do not fill with Teeccino grind beyond ¾ high in the filter.

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