Samples & Deals

Remember back in April when we posted on TeeccinoBuzz about Kelli’s Two Cool Events, a small home “Tee-party” gathering and a Weight Watchers awards ceremony? Well, Kelli just wrote us about her third Teeccino Ambassador event – a Thanksgiving Feast! We loved what she told us – “The event was a Thanksgiving Feast put on […]

We are fortunate to have a number of health professionals in our Teeccino Ambassador program, and we recently received another great report from Annette Hottenstein, MS, RD, LDN, a Teeccino Ambassador and registered dietician who sees 3 – 5 clients a week in her new private practice, Sensational Sustenance. Annette is a food scientist and […]

Joy B. Massa, a new Teeccino Ambassador, is a third year intern at the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California. For her first Ambassador event she shared samples with her fellow students! Joy will graduate in June 2014, and told us in her terrific post-event report… “Hello fellow Teeccino lovers & Ambassadors! I was privileged to […]

Vicky, a new Teeccino Ambassador in Tennessee, recently requested samples for her first event at her church.  Vicky wanted to share Teeccino at the church’s 3rd annual 4-day Survival/Preparedness and health event where they were expecting over 200 people a day! Vicky told us in her event report how she did a “blind taste test” […]

DeAnna is one of our Texas-based Ambasadors and sent us her first event request for a weeklong camping trip this summer with her congregation. We were so happy to support DeAnna’s event and we loved the report she sent in! She told us – “We celebrated Feast of Tabernacles with a 7 day camp-out with […]

Kim has really been getting out there as an Ambassador since she started back in June, and we want to thank her for her enthusiasm and commitment to the no-caf cause! After one of her first events, Kim wrote us in her report: “Samples went FAST at my Convention last week!  It was held at […]

Liko is one of our passionate Teeccino Ambassadors and recently served Teeccino at a surprise baby shower for an expecting mother!

Sheila is one of our ambitious Teeccino Ambassadors and serves Teeccino to her customers daily at the spa she works at! 

One year ago this month, Teeccino Ambassadors attended the very first online Ambassador Webinar, and started sharing Teeccino samples at their community events of all sizes!  We were amazed at the variety of events we received requests for – from small groups like book clubs and office lunches…large health fairs and church socials…even vegan meetups […]

Gia became an official Teeccino Ambassador earlier this summer by taking our online Ambassador Webinar, and she has already requested Teeccino samples for two different events!  Gia’s first gathering was a party at her home for about 25 guests – and she reported back shortly after: “This was a ladies gathering to discuss different ways to […]