Teeccino Ambassador Events

The Catholic Mothers Conference held in Mooresville, NC, on Saturday, November 16, went very well, and Teeccino was a much-loved part of it! We were very grateful for your generosity in providing two full bags of grounds to brew and a hundred teabags to set out on the table. The attendees all received teabags in their goody bags, too, so we hope they tried some Teeccino at home if they didn’t at the conference.

After the conference ended I went back to the kitchen to collect any remaining Teeccino. I was surprised and delighted to discover that they had used up both bags of grounds and all but a couple dozen of the Dandelion Dark Roast teabags (those were not a favorite, I guess, or at least less appealing than the Dandelion Caramel Nut). They said they ran out of brewed Teeccino before the conference ended, it was such a hit with the ladies attending. 🙂 My friend Diana, holding her cup in the picture, was grateful Teeccino was an option as she has given up her beloved coffee for health reasons.’

Feeling inspired? If you want to have Teeccino at your next function, we’d love to support you with Teeccino! Simply apply to become an ambassador here.

Lisa, a certified integrative nutritionist, had an Iron Chef themed integrative nutrition party, and the prize was Pumpkin Spice Teeccino! In her words: “A great time was had by all and several women tried, and LOVED, Teeccino for the first time today.”


We’re so glad that Lisa’s party was a success, and that Teeccino was such a hit! We are so lucky to have ambassadors like Lisa who believe in Teeccino as much as we do. Here’s to many more party successes, Lisa!


Feeling inspired? If you want to throw your own Iron Chef party or something similar, we’d love to support you with Teeccino! Simply apply to become an ambassador here.


Congratulations on winning our $25 gift card. See Shanna’s experience below!

We always have so many amazing stories come in each month and want to thank each and every one of you for sharing!

Our star this month is Shanna Cartmell of Cartmell Chiropractic. We love that she was able to share with the Homeschool Academy that she is a member of. When parents learn about the benefits of Teeccino they often share with their children, giving us the joy of knowing that our health forming teas are making their way through generations.

Here is what Shanna had to say about her experience:

“The parents of our Homeschool Academy congregate in a fellowship hall for breakfast during the students activities. I was able to speak, and offer samples of Teeccino to the parents as well as some teenaged students. Everyone was excited, even some of the die-hard coffee drinkers were willing to give it a try! Some even knew and loved Teeccino already, so the little sample gift was fun for them to try a new flavor. I saw a few open their tee bags and made a cup before they even left the room!” – Shanna Cartmell


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Takesha has been an Ambassador for about a year and did a January vision board event that went over perfectly with some warm Teeccino and SoDelicious creamer! Takesha wrote in to tell us:

Thank you for the fantastic photos, Takesha! We are so proud to have you as a Teeccino Ambassador and happy to support your future sharing events! Here’s to a great 2019 to you, Takesha…and congratulations on your $25 devserver.teeccino.com gift certificate!

Yvette is a new Ambassador who recently shared Teeccino at her own birthday dinner with friends and family. What a way to share Teeccino with the ones you love! She told us:

That is so wonderful, Yvette! We really appreciate this sweet story of how you shared Teeccino with your closest friends and family on yoru special day! Happy belated Birthday to you! We’ll be happy to support your next Ambassador event with samples to share!

On Thursday December 6th, Kay, an active Teeccino Ambassador – and Health & Wellness, Life Coach and Behavior Change Specialist, visited the Alzheimer’s Association of New Jersey for a Long Day Fundraiser. She reported back and told us:

Thank you for sharing Teeccino again with such a receptive group, Kay! We’re honored to be included in your health-conscious events and talks. We’ll be sending more samples for you to share soon!

Lana joined our sample sharing program in October and just did her first event in late November with her Mah Jongg group! She told us:

This is just wonderful, Lana! We’re so happy to could share our product to such a great response. We’ll be happy to support your future Ambassador events!

Misty is a Texas-based Teeccino Ambassador who started sharing our product in October 2014 at events in her community and at her own salon! This event was one centered around essential oils and health topics. We have loved reading and posting Misty’s great reports over the years, and we always love the fabulous photos she sends! Misty wrote:

The feeling is mutual, Misty! We have loved supporting your events since 2014 and we appreciate these fabulous photos and detailed report! Let us know anytime you’d like to share Teeccino again!

Shanna became a Teeccino Ambassador last month and has been sharing Teeccino with her chiropractic clients and her community groups. She sent us this fantastic report of her Teeccino event at a MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) meeting:

Thanks so much, Shanna! We’re so thrilled at how quickly you’ve gotten started as a Teeccino Ambassador and we’ll be happy to provide you with more samples as needed! Thank you for these terrific photos as well.

Charles is a health pro and newly joined Teeccino Ambassador who recently shared samples at two community centers in New York. He told us,

About another event, Charles said: 
This is so fabulous, Charles! We look forward to supporting your events going forward and are so glad you joined our program! Thank you for sharing your story and this great photo of one of your newest ‘Teeccino recruits!’