Teeccino Buzz

Stephanie is a new Teeccino Ambassador who just shared Teeccino at the high school where she works. She sent us her request saying, “I plan to host two events near Valentine’s Day. I want to encourage teachers & staff to take care of their “hearts” by avoiding caffeine. ” Well, teachers and staff decided – […]

Candace is a doula and a longtime Teeccino Ambassador who recently helped support an event with Pike’s Peak Doula Association  (PPRDA) at Babies R Us. Candace has shared Teeccino with her own clientele and at other baby fairs, like this baby fair at the army base in June 2013! About this recent event, Candace told […]

Ellen is a holistic health coach and a new Teeccino Ambassador who served and shared Teeccino samples at a recent meeting. She reported back to us about her event, saying: “The event went great. It was our annual planning meeting for the coming year for our group. I brewed a small pot and then filled […]

Kelli is a longtime Teeccino Ambassador who has done a number of Ambassador events. You may remember her feature here on TeeccinoBuzz “Kelli’s Two Cool Events!” or her Thanksgiving with Teeccino! Well, Kelli has done it again. She recently shared Teeccino at another two events – a yoga class and a Weight Watchers meeting. Kelli […]

Jodi is another new Teeccino Ambassador who joined our program this fall and did her first events in November and December. Jodi sent us two great reports about her events, a church event and as hospitality coordinator for her co-op homeschool group. She even sent a pic of one of her most dedicated Teeccino comrades, Dave! […]

Jessica, a resident of Wisconsin, became a Teeccino Ambassador in November of this year, and recently served brewed Teeccino – made with our trial size packets, and shared Teeccino Tee-bags as samples at this cozy event. Jessica sent us a great photo of her Teeccino table display and Teeccino mug swag gift, complete with a […]

Michelle became a Teeccino Ambassador in October, and sent us her first event request, for a family Thanksgiving gathering. She told us: “As this will be my first time presenting Teeccino, I thought sharing it with my health-conscious family members would be a great start. I have a brother and several in-laws on the Paleo […]

Gia has been a Teeccino Ambassador since last year and is always finding new places and events to share Teeccino in her Southern California community. You might remember her house party we featured on our blog last year, “Gia’s Gathering with Teeccino!”  This last week, Gia shared and sampled our Hazelnut flavor at her yoga […]

Wanda is a longtime Teeccino Ambassador who has done a number of events. One of her first was a Relay for Life, and another event which we featured in our Healthy Tips Newsletter, can be seen on our blog at “Wanda ‘Wears It Pink’ for Breast Cancer Awareness!” This time, Wanda shared Teeccino with about […]

Kay has been doing a number of events the last few months. You may remember her tag-sale event “Kay Brings Teeccino Tee-bags to the Bronx!” back in June. More and more, Kay, a dedicated health coaching professional, has been asked by those she comes across to attend various events and share Teeccino there. She recently […]