Teeccino Buzz

Janett, a longtime Teeccino Ambassador, recently held an event at her home for family and friends and also took Teeccino out to her community to sample. She sent us her report and fantastic photos, with a new baby in the family…seeming quite interested our Teeccino brochures! “Everybody responded GREAT to the products – especially the […]

Bridget has been a Teeccino Ambassador since June of 2013, and recently brewed Teeccino at another Ambassador event with her ‘Healthy Food Group’. She told us all about it in her official event report: “I made the the Vanilla Nut, Hazelnut, and French Roast flavors at my regular Healthy Food Group get together. Everyone loved […]

Kelli recently became a Teeccino Ambassador and hosted her first event just a few weeks later for about 30 people at a homeschool event. Kelli was kind enough to send us her report directly after the gathering.  She told us: “It was a homeschool co-op event. I had set up a table with hot water […]

Stacy, a resident of Maryland, has been an Ambassador since November of last year.  She and her organization, Best News Network, were celebrating National Hot Tea month at her local community center with a tea tasting and Teeccino. Stacy planned to do a 15 minute Teeccino seminar and then allow participants to sample there or […]

Shona has been a Teeccino Ambassador since July of 2013, and her most recent event was a post-New Years open house with about 40 guests. Shona sent us a wonderful report and gave us all the details about her fun, friendly gathering: “I had an open house after New Years. Many of my friends can’t […]

DeVonne recently became a Teeccino Ambassador by watching our online Webinar, and made her first event request in December for her church book club. DeVonne told us in her post-event report: “Because of bad weather, my event venue changed from a church book club to a mothers’ group from my children’s school. The relaxed environment […]

You might remember reading about DeAnna’s Congregation Camp-Out Ambassador event back in November…and DeAnna has just written us about her second and third Ambassador events!  While she had planned for her congregation’s conference only, the weather made for a smaller turn-out than expected…so DeAnna found a way to share her extra Teeccino samples at another […]

Kimlee recently became a Teeccino Ambassador, and for her first event she shared Teeccino at a gathering at her home in Arizona for about 35 people. She really wowed us with the report she sent in after the event! Kimlee told us: “My Teeccino gathering with my friends, family and colleagues went amazing! There were […]

Wanda is an active Teeccino Ambassador who has done multiple events this year. You might remember her Relay for Life event posted on our blog back in May! Wanda’s most recent Ambassador event was a breast cancer awareness and survivors’ gathering, where the entire room was decked out in pink and peach, and everyone made […]

Roberta has been a very active Ambassador for Teeccino, first sampling Teeccino at VegFest back in July of this year and doing some smaller events along the way. Recently, Roberta brought Teeccino to Vegan Life Colorado‘s Thanksgiving event, and sent us a great report and pics! Roberta confirmed the event was a big success and […]