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The Evolution of teeccino

Celebrating 25 years of Teeccino!

When I was inspired to create a caffeine-free cappuccino in 1994, I never would have ever imagined that I’d still be marketing Teeccino 25 years later. As an entrepreneur, the challenge of getting herbs to run through an espresso machine just possessed me. I don’t know about you, but when I’m struck with a vision, I never imagine all the hard work that will go into manifesting it. I just am filled with enthusiasm and think it will all be fun!

Well, it has been fun…and hard…and everything in between. The greatest reward is always hearing from all of you, whose enthusiastic embrace of Teeccino continually juices my inspiration to new heights.

For this 25th year, we are planning big things. I’m busy in my kitchen creating two new families of Teeccino flavors: Mushroom Adaptogen Herbal Coffees & Teas and Prebiotic SuperBoost Herbal Coffees & Teas. We’re planning on helping you “Stress less and digest best!”.

When you’re 25, it’s time for a new look. Soon you, our readers, will be the very first to see all new Teeccino packaging rolling off the production line. To get you ready for the change, I made a video with Galen, my son and Teeccino’s VP of Sales, showing you the evolution of Teeccino packaging from the beginning until now.

Hope you enjoy watching it! Stay tuned for more details on the launch of our new flavors in March. You’ll read it here first!

Lose Weight with Teeccino dandelion Caramel Nut As featured in woman's world magazine article "drop fat fast"

Woman’s World asked us to query our customers to find out who had lost weight drinking Teeccino Dandelion Herbal Coffees and Teas. We had many people respond who had lost varying amounts of weight. Woman’s World picked Peggy Jean to feature because her story is so dramatic! Follow her example, drink Dandelion Caramel Nut when you feel the sugar cravings  and see if you lose weight too!

The annual natural products convention was a massive gathering this year with so many new companies introducing new products, it was overwhelming even to the most intrepid attendees.

TeeChia Sustained Energy Cereal in its beautiful new packaging and slightly sweeter flavor caught the eye of Kiwi Magazine’s dietician, Kate Geagan – thanks so much for the shout-out! Read the article here: http://www.kiwimagonline.com/5-trends-expo-west-2014/2/

Our Teeccino Team had a blast serving TeeChia energy ball and naughty ramon Teeccino’s at our Annual Shenanigans Party where we danced until midnight to Randy Tico’s Jazz Band! We had the opportunity to interact with thousands of new and current fans and turn them into our Teelicious products! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and partied with us!

I’m happy to announce that after a year of testing TeeChia by serving it to thousands of people at events and selling it in a selection of local Whole Foods and independent natural food stores, we are finally launching TeeChia into distribution in the natural foods marketplace in April. First, we’re rolling it out to the western half of the U.S. By the fall, it will also be available in the East. Please request TeeChia at your favorite natural food store to help us get it on the shelf!

We learned so much from everyone’s responses as well as from the reality of selling TeeChia on the retail shelf. Here’s what we discovered that guided our development of TeeChia’s beautiful new package design and new sweeter flavor:

  • Sustained Energy Cereal:  Glycemic testing at an independent laboratory using human subjects supported our claim that the nutrients in TeeChia would sustain energy all morning long due to its high soluble fiber content. Blood tests revealed that TeeChia’s carbohydrates, proteins and fats are slowly released so that blood sugar remains stable for hours after consuming a single serving of TeeChia.
  • Many ways to eat TeeChia: People enjoy TeeChia in a variety of preferences. Some like it hot, some like it cold. Adding it to smoothies appeals to many while others eat TeeChia like a normal bowl of cereal with milk.Those who miss the “crunch” factor, blend it with their favorite flakes or granola. Some just stir it into their yogurt. Our new packaging features the myriad of ways to enjoy TeeChia via the colorful photos on the front of the bag.
  • Sweeter please: I listened to many people saying they wanted TeeChia to naturally taste sweeter but without any sugar added. By working purely with dates and fruit, I was able to sweeten TeeChia without raising the natural sugars content. I’d love to hear how you enjoy the new TeeChia if you ate it before and wanted it sweeter!
  • Lower retail price: We all want to pay less yet we want to get significant quantities of nutrients that will sustain our good health. TeeChia’s six organic super seeds comprise approximately 50% of a serving and the nutritional data reveals how nutrient dense it truly is. Other cereal brands are claiming to have these ingredients in them too, but they have a much cheaper retail price. For instance, they might claim to have chia seeds, but you don’t see any data for omega-3 fatty acids on the label. Why not? Because these brands are appealing to consumer demand for super food ingredients but adding them in such small quantities that they won’t provide significant nutritional benefits. It allows them to sell at a low price but all you’re really eating is the same old rice, corn or oats with sugar and a dusting of super foods. For TeeChia, we lowered the price as far as we can while still delivering the nutrients you need for optimal health. TeeChia should retail for $8.99, which is $1.50 per serving. Much less than thousands spend daily on a cup of…coffee!
  • More varieties please: New flavors are in the works. How does Vanilla Coconut sound? Mango Cashew? How many people want plain without any fruit or other flavors in it? Let me know what you’d like as I’m busy in the kitchen creating new versions of TeeChia and I’d love your input to guide me!
  • Eating TeeChia on-the-go:  Single serve pouches are going into distribution too. Traveling with the pouches is so easy as they fit perfectly in a purse, briefcase, or backpack. In hotels, at the gym or at work, you can simply add water and eat TeeChia whenever and wherever you want. Order the pouches on Teeccino.com in bulk for your next trip or to have them handy when the need arises.

Nurturing a new product into becoming a brand that meets the needs of potential customers takes receptivity, ability to learn and revise, and lots of creative thinking “outside the box”. This last year has taught us many valuable lessons as we got to know TeeChia and what everyone wants from a healthy breakfast cereal. I hope you’ll take our advise and eat a bowl of TeeChia for 6 days in a row to see the difference it will make to your energy and the rest of your day!

This year, Team Teeccino was proud to once again support World Vegan Day on November 1st, serving Teeccino to a very appreciative and health-conscious crowd throughout the evening! I was excited to have our PR/Marketing Manager, Kateri, join me (Ashley, of Teeccino Ambassadors) to introduce the attendees of World Vegan Day to Teeccino herbal coffee. Better still everyone there, including Team Teeccino, got to discover new vegan snacks, dishes and delicious desserts!

Along with the brewed Teeccino, Tee-bag and TeeChia gluten-free cereal samples at our table, we also brought along our vegan milk alternatives, SoDelicious coconut milk and soy milk. One couple came up to enjoy the brewed Teeccino, saying that they actually used to buy


Do you remember reading about Bhakti Fest last year? If you need a refresher, it was the international yoga, kirtan, and meditation festival in Joshua Tree, California. This festival also marked the first time we introduced TeeChia to the world. Well since we loved it so much, we had to go back for Shakti Fest, […]

The number of adults in America who are think they should cut back or avoid gluten-containing foods has grown to 30% as of January 2013 according to a survey by The NPD Group, a global information company that conducts bi-weekly surveys on health trends. Every year since 2009 when NPD started tracking this trend, growth of gluten avoidance has steadily climbed, culminating in 1 in 3 adults now expressing the intention to avoid gluten. Is this a fad or do we have an epidemic of gluten sensitivity?

The Mayo Clinic published a report that analyzed the blood of Americans from the 1950s and compared it to samples taken now and found that celiac disease is 4 times more common today than it was 50 years ago. Along side the increase in gluten sensitivity, there is a steep rise in food allergies, which according to the CDC has jumped 18% between 1997 and 2007.

Now healthcare professionals are asking, could there be a connection between the increased quantities of toxic pesticides and fumigants in our food, water and the environment and the rise in food allergies including gluten?
If you are part of the one third of Americans intending to avoid gluten, think about this. It may be that eating organically grown food and drinking filtered water could help lower your sensitivity to gluten.

Elina Jershow, MD, a researcher who specializes in allergies, analyzed the incidence of antibodies to food in the blood associated with high levels of chemicals called dichlorophenols (DCP). DCPs are metabolites of chlorinated chemicals used in our water supply and other herbicides in common use on our food supply. She found that people who have food sensitivities are twice as likely to have high levels of DCP in their urine.

Other researchers have speculated that the fumigants used in wheat storage might be the cause of its intolerance. Pesticides, fumigants, and herbicides are accumulating at higher levels in our food and water supply every year. Fumigants are used on conventional wheat to prevent insects from infecting it during the warm summer months when it is stored in silos. These chemicals are known to cause central nervous system damage, heart and vascular disease in workers who handle them. What could their residues be doing to our intestines?

Organic wheat is stored without the use of fumigants. Organic farmers have to use cooling air flow, cleaner equipment and other natural management techniques to keep stored organic grains insect-free. Buying organic not only helps your own health, but it also helps protect the health of the workers who bring that grain to you!

It is probable that there is a convergence of multiple reasons why so many people are becoming more sensitive to or intolerant of gluten.  Many of these problems may be out out of our control.  However, there are a number of things you can do to support your immune system and protect your health.

  • Eating organically grown whole grains, fruits and vegetables makes a great first step.
  • Taking probiotics and consuming prebiotics like inulin found in Teeccino should be part of your health regime to support a healthy population of beneficial microflora.
  • Following a detox program at least once a year to help reduce the levels of chemical toxins in your body is a great defense.
  • Avoiding antibiotics unless absolutely necessary is another important way to support your intestinal microflora.

Protecting your intestinal health is clearly the best defense that you can employ to maintain good health and a strong immune system. Keep in mind, some health professionals and researchers believe that 80% of our immune function starts in the intestines!

View Teeccino’s Gluten Free Dandelion Flavors >>

Both TeeChia Gluten Free Cereal & Teeccino Herbal Coffee are Certified Gluten-Free


Ever since discovering that Teeccino has 1g of soluble fiber in a cup, I’ve been researching the great health effects attributed to consuming soluble fiber. With a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol that increases with age, I’ve been watching my cholesterol rise each year despite my daily cups of Teeccino. Last year, it crept up to 225 and although my doctor was raising his eyebrows, my “good” HDL cholesterol was still in a high ratio to the LDL “bad” cholesterol. “No statin drugs for me, but what to do if it keeps going up?” I pondered.

This year, my test results amazed even me. For the first time since my 30’s, I was under 200 – well under in fact – at 185 total cholesterol. What had made the difference? I was eating or exercising just the same except for one thing: I had been eating TeeChia pretty much daily for breakfast during the last year. TeeChia is packed full of soluble fiber from chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth and rolled oats.

Wow! The studies showing soluble fiber could lower cholesterol were really true. So I decided to test it on my 88 year old mother who’d been on statin drugs for over 15 year….read more to find out if soluble fiber can beat statin drugs!

My mother’s doctor is hardcore about taking statin drugs. I’ve been sending her articles about how statin drugs aren’t advised for seniors who have already been taking statins for years. Many studies show that once you’re over 85, high cholesterol has a good association with longevity and healthy memory. Statins on the other hand, can cause many side effects including muscle pain that reveals low CoQ10, which is dangerous. Seniors have many aches and pains and thus can go undiagnosed with symptoms brought on by statin drugs.

I finally convince my mother to stand up to her doctor and take a break from statins. At first, her cholesterol rose and her doctor threatened to put her back on statins. That’s when I got my mother to start eating TeeChia daily. On her last visit to her doctor, my mother asked for her results. The doctor checked the lab report and there was a long silence. My mother pressed for the answer. Well, the doctor admitted, my mother’s cholesterol had gone down – significantly!

I’ve got a theory going about TeeChia. Its soluble fiber is particularly thick and viscous due to the unique fiber released when you soak ground chia and flax seeds. Combined with quinoa,amaranth and oats, which are all high in soluble fiber too, TeeChia’s fiber is like a broom that sweeps through our intestinal tract. Cholesterol is one of the things it sweeps out along the way!

So let’s test my theory; If you have moderately high cholesterol and aren’t yet on statin drugs, let’s see if enjoying a health breakfast can bring down your cholesterol too. Do you have a recent test showing your cholesterol level? Start eating TeeChia daily and plan to retest in 6 months. Let’s see if your cholesterol levels respond like my mother’s and mine have. I just started my sister on TeeChia. Her cholesterol is 225, just like mine was. In another 6 months, she’ll get a test and we’ll see what happens to hers.

Are you with me?

Then, test yourself again and send us your new cholesterol level. Our bodies are our best laboratories so let’s see if we can produce optimal health without the use of drugs!

Learn more from this article on soluble fiber and heart health:

Do you think skipping breakfast is the key to losing weight? If you do, think again.

Numerous studies show that eating breakfast can not only help you lose weight, but it will also help you keep off the weight.

According to members of the AKA those who have maintained a 30-pound+ weight loss for at least a year, and some as long as six years, 78% reported that they eat breakfast every day. Nearly 90% reported eating breakfast at least 5 times a week.

If you typically skip breakfast, think about how long your body has to compensate between meals. If your last meal was at dinner the night before, that’s about a 15-20 hour fast!

Not all breakfasts are created equal.

So you’ve decided to start eating breakfast. Now, what are your options?
We recommend sticking with foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These high fiber foods will fill you up without overdoing calories and fat.

In fact, Chicago-based research firm notes, that 77% of cold cereal eaters now fill their bowls with granola or muesli.

Some of our breakfast ideas…
Well, you can start with a warm cup of Teeccino in a flavor of your choice (Caramel Nut sounds delicious to me today).

  • A bowl of TeeChia super seeds cereal!
  • Oatmeal with fresh fruit
  • 2 eggs with a whole grain English muffin
  • A small tortilla with peanut butter and fresh fruit
  • A breakfast smoothie with fruit, ice and yogurt or non-fat milk/soy or almond milk
  • For the adventurer – cottage cheese and broccoli (I know it doesn’t sound great, but one of my friends swears by it!)

These are just some of the combinations you could create for a balanced first meal of the day, but you get the idea. Keep it simple and avoid fatty, processed foods and excessive quantities of breads.

Have a favorite healthy breakfast? Share with us!

After four hot days in the desert, ending in a dust storm, we made it back from Bhakti Fest alive!  If you have yet to hear about Bhakti Fest already, check out the blog we wrote about it just before we left.

First, we have to say a HUGE thank you to So Delicious Dairy Free! Their coconut milk was a big hit among Bhakti-ites and Teeccino lovers alike!

Bhakti Fest takes place in a private retreat center in Joshua Tree, CA (near Palm Springs if you are not familiar with the area), for four days every summer.

Teeccino was lucky enough to secure a great spot as a vendor for this unique yoga, dance, and music festival in the West.

Over four days we enjoyed a fabulous selection of music, yoga classes taught by world-renowned instructors, and people from across the globe – all while temperatures reached nearly 100 degrees.

Most notably, we introduced TeeChia to the public! This year we added the super seeds breakfast cereal to our repertoire and gave out samples along with Teeccino.

We received glowing reviews and everyone seemed to love TeeChia, whether we prepared it with hot water (plain), or if we added yogurt, milk or berries. Festival participants reported feeling satisfied all morning through their yoga classes. At the close of the festival, we were interrupted by an unexpected dust storm on the last night around 10:00PM. The storm forced us, along with all of the other vendors and even the stage, to close up shop and pack up a bit early. Despite being a bit hectic, at least we were able to end the festival with a great story!

Thank you to everyone that made it out to Joshua Tree – we look forward to this event every year!

Here’s a little peak at the dust storm:

Did you go to Bhakti Fest? Share your stories with our readers here.