One of our favorite things to do at Teeccino headquarters is blend different Teeccino flavors together. Although we all have our personal favorites, blending one flavor with another during brewing allows us to taste completely new combinations. It is also a great way to brew up the remaining grounds left in a bag of Teeccino. Perhaps one of these blends will inspire a new flavor one day!

Try some of the best blends we’ve discovered:

Two To Tango – Combine Maya Chocolate, our dark roast chocolate flavor with its hint of heat from chilies…with boutique flavor Caramel Nut for a sweet, spicy, chocolate-y indulgence.

L’Orange Mocha – The light roast flavor Original, with real orange peel, blends beautifully with medium roast Mocha for a chocolate-y, fruity cup that will delight…a perfect after dinner treat!

Coffee Nut – Try blending Hazelnut and Java to add an extra ‘coffee’-boost to Hazelnut’s rich, buttery goodness.

The Spiced Orchid – Vanilla Nut and Maya Chai together makes for a smooth, spicy, nutty blend that is sure to wake you up and give you lasting energy for the day!

Black & White – Blend boutique flavor French Vanilla and Maya Chocolate for a smooth and decadent afternoon pick-me-up.

A Roast for All Seasons – Finally, French Roast, our most popular dark roast, blends well with every other flavor – some of our favorites are Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Mint,  and Almond Amaretto!


  • Two Teeccino flavors – pick your favorite flavor comination!

Optional Suggestions

  • 1-2 tsp honey, agave syrup, or maple syrup (to taste)
  • 2 oz hot milk or non-dairy milk


  • In a drip coffee maker or French press pot, add 1/2 the amount of each flavor of Teeccino. For example, if you are making 8 cups in your drip coffee maker, you need 4 tbsp of Teeccino total. Thsu you would use 2 tbsp of one flavor and 2 tbsp of the other.
  • Brew like you always do.
  • Add any sweetener, milk, or non-dairy alternatives if desired.
  • Enjoy!

Optional Suggestions

Try it over ice or blend with ice in a blender on hotter days!

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